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6w - mild cramping, lower back pain

Hello. I'm new to this board and recently posted my intro on the weekly check-in but wanted to ask a few questions and hopefully get some reassurance. I really haven't had many symptoms which is different that my previous pregnancies (both which ended in losses) - my previous mc's were done via fertility meds and IUI - my ex and I were followed closely and this time is so so different.  I never seemed to have trouble getting pregnant, but have never seen an ultrasound with an actual growing embryo :( During the past 2 losses - each time I was extremely nauseus (I think anxiety with constant HCG's and ultrasounds didn't help) and I always had this dull right sided pain ... but this time, my bf and I got pregnant naturally and unexpectedly (I never ever thought I could get pregnant on my own) ... but I'm terrified ... I have had constant dull right sided aches and cramps - the pain is mainly in my groin area and can radiate around to my hip and back - the pain will occ happen on my left side but its def mainly on my right ... of course I just immediately to the ectopic idea ... my first loss was never confirmed as ectopic or a BO ... and i know once you have one ectopic you're more likely to have another so of course my mind goes there ... i'm also kind of crampy but again very dull ... and my lower back (esp in the AM) aches.  My boobs feel normal, I really don't have any vomiting - some nausea off and on but not enough to convince me of anything ... I have a short short fuse and go through bouts where i just feel so angry ... my first OBGYN appt is this coming Tuesday but I've also been made aware that the office they scheduled me at, does not have an ultrasound machine.  I have no idea how they're going to reassure me ... When I called the doc when I got my positive pregnancy test, she didn't seem concerned ... she said it all happened with a different partner that this time is different and unless i'm bleeding or spotting i'm fine ... but i never bled or spotted with my previous losses. Let me also mention - my previous losses my ex and I had several medical conditions that I think played a major role ... he had majorly uncontrolled diabetes and had retrograde ejaculation and I had an uncontrolled thyroid condition (which is now controlled) and I was about 60lbs overweight. I'm praying and hoping that all these weird cramps and aches are normal - i'm hoping to hear from some of you that you've been through this, and can relate, and that i'm not crazy an this is all normal.  It's been a while since I've gone through this and I'm just really hoping this is it. If I have another ultrasound with an empty sac I don't think I can do this again ... mentally or physically. Any of you with similar stories, symptoms, I'd love to hear from you - any reassurance you can offer ... and FX to all of you ladies!! I know we all know how hard this is ... it's not fair that we all have to be here, but I am so so grateful to have a place where I can vent and talk with ladies who "get it." Thank you!!

Re: 6w - mild cramping, lower back pain

  • I've had mild cramping and general achiness with all of my pregnancies in the beginning. I attribute it to my uterus stretching and baby burrowing in. Ask your doctor for an ultrasound to ease your mind, that's what I did. Everyone's symptoms are so different that it's impossible to say what's normal. I hope everything is ok and this is your sticky baby!


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  • Hi there ! I completely understand your worry . I have been an infertility patient for the last 11 months and experienced a loss last summer . I am currently pregnant from IVF and have had on and off cramping and bleeding . I know you don't have the bleeding but just keep in mind that miscarriage signs can also just be pregnancy signs . I actually went to the ER earlier this week bc I was having very intense cramps and bleeding . An ultrasound was done and my baby looks completely fine . I followed up with my doc the next day and again baby was fine . They are telling me not to worry . I know our cases are not identifal but hoping I can give you a little hope . 

    Ive heard and read that every pregnancy is different . Cramping can be totally normal in pregnancy . I would try to go find somewhere to get a US just so you can get some peace of mind . Best of luck to you ! 

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  • thank you @mskeenan ... that def provides some much needed reassurance. today my main symptom is my back pain - my lower back is just aching. i'm trying to avoid taking anything ... but its annoying - along w/the right side pain. I'm trying to tell myself its all just making room for baby but you're right a lot of the symptoms I'm fearing can all be good signs too! So happy for your rainbow baby and that he/she is growing perfectly!! I have an appointment on Tuesday so I'm going to insist they send me for an ultrasound or schedule one later in the week - and hopefully they understand my concerns! 

  • With my first pregnancy I had cramping throughout the entire pregnancy.  Also ended up in the ER once (around 11 weeks) because it was so bad.  Baby was fine throughout and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  Perhaps your doctor might see you a little earlier based on your loss history?  I know my office said I could schedule my first ultrasound as soon as I reached 3000 hcg.  

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  • I had mild cramping off and on from weeks 4 through 6 and it got slowly better but some women get cramps all pregnancy (according to my doctor, this is the norm for FTMs) and are completely fine. I also had that right sided ache that you're mentioning and I had some scary spotting just after 4w (brown then red) and the doctor told me that the ache on my right side sounded like textbook implantation. Baby implants early but can take a couple of weeks burrowing in deeper and this can cause one-sided pain and spotting, even after baby's done the soreness can linger for a bit (mine was gone around week 8). Pain could also just be a corpus luteum cyst, which is normal too. I can also tell you that I've had very annoying lower back pain since a few days before my BFP. It's there every single day and worsens when I walk a little bit.

    All of what you wrote I had and sounds pretty normal. I'm now almost 17 weeks with a beautiful baby girl on the way. Try to relax and not worry unless you have a reason to.
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