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18 weeks... Where do you feel kicks?

I am just over 18 weeks and have been feeling flutters for a couple of weeks. This week I got a punch I swear it startled me but it seems to be happening pretty high, a couple inches above my
belly button and then I feel movement about an inch below my belly button....does anyone else experience this?

Re: 18 weeks... Where do you feel kicks?

  • I feel lots of movement pretty low.  At my anatomy scan he was head down with his arms stretched over his head so the doctor said it's likely I'm feeling his hands pushing.  Where you feel
    mocent is probably dependent on the baby's position at that time.
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  • I'm 26 weeks and baby is usually pretty low. However, if i am on my side, she will move up by my belly button. Still no tip of the uterus action. 
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  • 29+5 and she's sitting completely sideways.... Until she decides she wants to head butt my ribs. But when I started feeling actual movement and not just flutters (around 17/18 weeks) they were below my belly button until she got a little bigger then they moved higher, around 22 weeks. It all depends on where in the placenta the baby is sitting.

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  • I'd say that what you felt above your belly button was just gas.  On average the uterus isn't even at the belly button until 20 weeks, let alone inches above it.  I'm 27 weeks and most of the kicks I feel are still belly button level or a little bit higher.  I've had maybe 2 or 3 times she's kicked my stomach or rib if I'm sitting just right but it I'm sitting in an upright position, it's all belly button-ish.  
  • Mostly a few inches below the belly button still at 22 weeks. If this is your first pregnancy, like pp said, it's almost not possible for there to be any movement above the belly button. I'd agree that's probably digestion.
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  • I'm 22+4, and most of the movement I feel is lower, about halfway between the pubic region and my belly button. Sometimes I'll feel a thump or two up by the belly button, but it's rare. 
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    Just over 25 weeks, I feel them up to 1/2 inch above the belly button. She's all over the place in there. 
  • 18 weeks and I feel it by my pubic bone. But I have an anterior placenta. With dd I was feeling around my belly button at this time.
  • 18 weeks here too (on Monday) and they're low usually. 
  • I'm 23 weeks now, but started feeling kicks around 18 weeks. They've stuck around the same general location for the most part--lower left abdomen.
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    I'm almost 24wks and I feel darn near everything super low...basically she uses my cervix as a trampoline and does somersaults. All the flutters and other kicks I feel are a couple inches above my pubic bone, but she likes to hide down low and to the right, always has!
  • I'm 20w4d and baby boy is currently breech and he LOVES to kick my bladder. It's REALLY low, but doctor said his head is closer to my belly button. I sometimes feel him punch with his arms to the sides of my belly. But I swear...getting kicked in the bladder from the inside is the WEIRDEST FEELING EVER! Especially when I have to pee! Haha!!
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  • I don't feel anything yet, STM, but with an anterior placenta. 
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  • I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and feel a whole lot of nothing. Baby is too low, according to my OB, for me to feel it yet.
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  • I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and feel a whole lot of nothing. Baby is too low, according to my OB, for me to feel it yet.
    Do you know where your placenta is? Thats also a contributing factor. 

    I didn't start feeling much until about 22-24 weeks. At that point, it was just flutters on the inside. Then around 26-28, I started getting kicks that were strong enough for DH to feel, but you couldn't really SEE them yet. Now at nearly 35 weeks, you can't help but see baby all the time. Enjoy not getting kicked in the bladder and the ribs while you can ;)

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