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Tourniquet syndrome

I don't know if most people already know about this, but my mom informed me of it today and how my little bro almost lost his toe to this a long time ago. Apparently hairs and strings in baby clothes can cut off circulation of their appendages and lead to amputations. It sounds rare but it's freaky. I looked at the inside of the baby socks I have and there were a ton of loose strings. Please don't be mad...I'm not trying to spread worry but it seemed so weird and it's nothing I would have ever thought about at all.


Re: Tourniquet syndrome

  • I actually noticed this happening to one of my nieces many years ago. She had a couple of my sisters very long hairs wrapped around one of her toes but my sister just cut it off and she was fine, blood flow was immediately restored and she's had no lasting effects. As long as you're paying attention everything should be fine. 
  • Happened to a friend of my mother a few months ago with her daughter. She nearly lost her toe as well. Was pretty scary. You wouldn't think hair can do that. 


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  • Happened to my daughter. Her toe is fine, but I woke up in the middle of the night once to change her and her toe was purple. Looked closer and she had a little tiny hair wrapped around it. It was really scary!
  • This also happened to me with an elastic in a sleeper I was wearing as a toddler. Whatever it was wrapped around (wrist, foot) turned purple. Whooops.
  • My mom kept forcing me to put my hair up today because of this. She was convinced it would get in his diaper and yeah...
  • My mom kept forcing me to put my hair up today because of this. She was convinced it would get in his diaper and yeah...
    I used to do our floors every morning when L was down there scooting and crawling around every day. There were still multiple times when I found hairs in her diapers, some of which had obviously gone through her body.
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  • For some reason I got REALLY paranoid about this with my DS last time haha. But I think it's good for people to be aware! Especially if your baby is crying for no reason, take off the little socks and check those toes just in case. It can happen with loose threads or hairs, and can happen to fingers, toes... and tiny penises, so be careful if you have a boy!


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