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Pregnant ladies in NWA - HELLO!!

So, I am pregnant for the first time (due July 23, 2016), and I live in Northwest Arkansas (Springdale, AR).  I was just wondering if there were any other ladies in my area who might be interested in talking.  I don't make a lot of in person friends (I talk to many people online), so this is all pretty new to me.  Still, I thought it might be cool to see if I can find some friendly faces near me.

So, for a little background to see if anyone else wants to jump in.  I am 36 years old, married since 2008 to my tall husband that I met online in 2004.  We have 4 cats, play a lot of video games, watch movies, and generally just try to have fun.  Also, we tried to get pregnant a few years ago before being told I was sterile.  Fast forward to June 2015 , a change in insurance might cover fertility treatments so I got off the pill again and a few months later...SURPRISE!!

It is a good surprise, but I am feeling a little isolated that I don't know anyone else who is pregnant, and after our problems with fertility I avoided being around kids because it made me weepy.  All our family is in other area's, mine on the other side of the state, his on the West Coast.  So, I just wanted to see if there was anyone who might be interested in talking to a huge geek about stuff I have no idea what i am doing. 

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