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Pregnant after a Loss

I'm just so angry

does anyone else just get angry? I'm angry at my friends, my family, my life. I'm angry at my past losses, that I can't be happy for my current pregnancy. I'm only 4+4 today and maybe my hormones are going psycho. People need to stay out of my way because my normally so pleasant demeanor is going a little off path right now. 

Re: I'm just so angry

  • I think all the emotions are par for the course.  Honestly I'm not always happy I'm pregnant.  Sometimes I'm scared, sometimes overwhelmed, sometimes angry I'm doing all this again, sometimes I'm elated.  Just remember it's all normal and to be kind to yourself.  You don't have to be a bubbley smiling human all the time.  But, if you feel like you just can't get out of the funk talk to your OB I'm sure they can assist you in finding the help you may need. 
  • I call it pregnancy rage and it's a very real thing. Hormones are crazy!


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  • @EmmieAnn22 and @waterfall213
    thanks for confirming that I'm not alone. I'm feeling much better this morning. I guess I'm just not used to the hormones yet. 
  • I'm sorry you are feeling this way. The early stages of a pregnancy can be very difficult emotionally. I remember being 9weeks and my friend who was 17 weeks was chatting about her pregnancy among our group of friends. I had not told anyone one yet and felt so sad that I could not express my joy because I was too scared to tell anyone yet. I was also so jealous of my friend who was further along than me. I will be 17weeks tomorrow. I still have bad days where I worry a lot, but just try to take it one day at time, and look forward to the next milestone. Be kind to yourself.
  • oh I have this and I had this the two prior ones also. I've learned to not take it out on my husband and vent to a friend. it's made the pregnancy much less stressful. 
  • The further I get into this pregnancy the shorter my fuse gets.  So much to do that is on momma to do.
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  • Second what @bntfroggie said. And not do I only have a short fuse, but I cry for the smallest things ever AND it's almost impossible to stop crying when I've first started! 
  • Omg so true. I've cried every day. Guess I'm just adjusting to the hormone changes. 
  • @LaurenDarling yes!! my bf thinks I am crazy and I think I am most times too! My fuse is so short!! I'm glad to know I'm not alone with this!! Hang in there!
  • My pregnancy rage was off the charts this past week. DH had to deal with it but at times, he fueled it too. I agree with PP - it's a real thing, just like how some pregnant women become waterworks at anything they see or hear. 
  • I felt the EXACT same way at the beginning of this pregnancy for the first 3 weeks I knew about it. I actually went and saw a counselor a few times. It helped a little, but was getting good news from the doctor, and making progress on my pregnancy so I stopped. Last week, my midwife kindly and gently told me that it was time to move on emotionally from my losses and get excited about this pregnancy (I'm just about 19 weeks) and let myself dream about this baby and pregnancy.

    looking back, I probably should have stayed with the counselor a little longer. I'd try to find a good fit. It's a long road ahead, no matter what happens. I hope that you can work through the feelings in a healthy way and enjoy this time in your life. Easier said than done though.
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