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round ligament pain or something worse

so I know the doctor is the only one who can tell me nothing is wrong,  I am just wondering if this is a "normal" feeling since I have never made it this far.

today I am 13 weeks. no bleeding or anything. still have all my symptoms that I have been having. but last night and today I have been having what I thought was just round ligament pain but this is the worst it has ever been. it is mainly on the right side and it goes from one hip bone to the other if I move a certain way. I am just really scared something is going on and I am brushing it off as something else. I have an appointment tomorrow and when I called the doctor they just told me to take it easy today. I am just looking for some insight maybe on ligament pain at this stage in pregnancy.

thanks you guys it is so nice to have a place to go to and not be looked at like I am crazy or over thinking.

Re: round ligament pain or something worse

  • ALC08ALC08 member
    I had weird pains early on when i would get up or move a certain way. Not sure if it was round ligament or not but what i was hoping. It never lasted or became severe so i tried not to worry about it. Hoping it's the same for you but definitely mention it to your dr when you go in. Good luck!
  • Hi, im from D15, just passing by. I'm not sure if this will be helpful, but during my pregnancy I had the worst pain that would shoot up and down my leg and hip, sometimes into my back. I had a pinched sciatic nerve which can cause pretty severe pain at times, and it gets worse when baby puts pressure on it. But, it's completely harmless and nothing to worry about. I hope that gives you some comfort, if you've made an appointment already you can bring this up to your doctor. It's fairly common for babies to sit on a nerve. Sometimes I couldn't even sit on the toilet comfortably. Hope this helps! 
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  • @ALC08 that is what this is. But it seems worse today than normal. I guess it's just one if those things. If I shift the wrong way or strech it hurts for a while but it's not constant so that is giving me a little peace of mind. 
  • I've had similar experiences. Some days the round ligament is worse than others, and some days I have none. I just try to be really careful anytime I twist or turn, and stand up slowly since I never know when/if I'm going to get a shooting pain.
  • @BabyBoyH92016 thank you so much so say that. That makes me feel so much better. I have literally done nothing today. But lay around because I am scared to move. 
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