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Curious at what point you ladies started or will start putting LO in front seat of a shopping cart. DD is 6 months and sits up great on her own and has great neck control so thinking maybe I could start. We do have one of those cute cart covers too so I'm excited to start using it! 

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  • I did it the first time at 24 weeks and he LOVED it! If your LO has good head control I don't see why you shouldn't try. My LO squeaks and slaps his hands on the cart lol he actually gets mad when we put him back in the car to leave 
  • I've been doing it since he turned 6 months and he loves it :)

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  • If baby is sitting independently and you have a cover-go for it! 

    DD1 always reached through the openings of the cover-after trying twice I sold it and went back to wearing her in a carrier til she was old enough to walk the whole way (1.5yo?). I'm not generally a germaphobe, but carts gross me out-all those people handling packages of raw meat, and so many places for bacteria to hide. 
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  • This baby can't sit independently yet so we haven't tried it but with DS1 I just made sure he was a pretty sturdy sitter before we tried it.  I didn't have a cover though so I think you could try sooner with one of those?  They seem to pad the baby and offer a little support.  The first trip I brought a carrier as a back up just in case it didn't work out but didn't end up needing it.  It was so great once he could sit in the cart.  He loved looking around and it made shopping a ton easier.  Good luck! 

  • We started around 5 months. He loved it right away. I keep my little stroller in the car as a backup for when he's tired though.


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  • please no judgment on the lack of socks lol. I just use wipes and let him sit in. We've been doing this since December because we switched out of the infant car seat and I didn't know what else to do. Up until this month he needed to be propped up by loaves of bread but he's doing great now either holds on or holds hands up for balance 
  • I have a cover and LO has been sitting in the cart for about a month now. I've used my purse and his small diaper bag on each side of him to keep him from throwing himself to one side (even though he's been sitting fine on his own, he gets excited and flops around lol)

    @yiggle09 don't feel bad, my LO almost never wears socks anymore. They always end up lost, or he peels them off. The kid hates socks. I don't even fight it anymore. They're not of walking age yet and as long as it's not too cold I don't even see the issue with it!
  • I will once the weather gets warmer and I can start leaving the infant seat in the car. I use a car seat cover right now rather than trying to mess around with a winter jacket. It was only in the 30's in MN today. 
  • My LO is 6 months and I just started putting him in there,  with the cart cover.   He's sitting independently but not for very long yet.   I prop him up with my purse or a blanket.  However if I'm going to be a while (like at target lol), I usually bring my carrier too, since I have found that he gets tired of sitting.  Plus he can nap in the carrier and I can shop a little longer lol
  • I haven't tried yet but I think tomorrow I'm going to have to go with both kids. I have made it 6 months without going to Wegmans or Target with both kids. I would drop the 2.5 year old at school and plan my trips for then or wait til after bedtime. 
    I'm a wuss, I don't know why this is scary to me, of all things!!! 
    Anyway I think I'm going to be stuck getting the 2-seater car cart. Eeeeesh!! 
  • I've been using the cart cover for a month too, She's a great sitter but I usually prop her with my purse and a blanket if it's gonna be a while. She just figured out how to blow raspberries (thanks daddy) so she spent my whole grocery trip laughing and spitting at everyone yesterday... She had fun anyways...
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    We just did it for the first time last weekend at Costco.  They have the big double carts, so he had his big sister to lean on if he needed the support.  I don't do cart covers.  I have a toddler bringing germs home from preschool, so a ride in a cart isn't going to make a big difference. 
  • Yiggle09 said:
    Up until this month he needed to be propped up by loaves of bread but he's doing great now either holds on or holds hands up for balance 
    LOL the mental image of him being propped up by loaves of bread is the cutest thing!!!!
  • I wasnt planning on putting DD in the cart today at Party City but after an hour and 15 min of her in the bjorn my back felt like it was on fire so I put her in.  I didn't have a cover with me so I just used a blanket.  She loved it for about 5 minutes and then I had to carry her around the store.  
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  • We had 2 cart covers for each of our cars and only used it once with DS1.  I'm trying to keep the baby in his seat as long as possible because I'm not quite sure what to do with my toddler.  He walks through the store okay but it is nice to be able to restrain him once in awhile.  Today I let him walk in Target and I came home with a Play All Day Elmo :/ . He was just so dang cute talking to it and saying "Hi Elmo!". 
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