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Group gift etiquette?

So my husband's company threw us an amazing surprise shower two weeks ago. It was totally unexpected and people were extremely generous. I'm in the process of working on thank you cards now and am stumped at how to handle a thank you for a large group gift we were given. Almost everyone contributed something individually so of course they are all getting personalized thank you cards but how do I write a thank you card for a gift that was from "the entire company"? Do I make a special thank you card for the group and accompany it with some cookies or something? I have no idea of knowing who all contributed to the gift so thanking everyone individually would be impossible. 

Also I'm not sure who to thank for "hosting" the shower. We're quite sure the owner of the company paid for everything but I know the HR person did a ton of the planning as did a few wives of my husband's coworkers. Then I found out some of my husband's male coworkers also helped with the planning so I'm not sure who to thank for the actual shower. =/

Any thoughts ladies? We were so surprised and so grateful for everything and we don't want anyone to be missed or offended if we mess this up! 

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    Eesh....thats hard! Definitely do individual thank you's for the gifts that were given from one person. For the huge group one, I would put a thank you card in the break room, along with a dessert (brownies, cookies, donuts, etc). When it comes to the host, is there a way you can ask a few of your co-workers and see if any of them might have any insight to who the hosts were? I do know that I would find out for sure if the owner of the company FOR SURE paid for it, and send an individual thank you to him/her. I wouldn't send one on the assumption that the owner paid for it, because there could be a chance that he/she didn't, and then it would be a little embarrassing being thanked for paying for something that they didn't pay for. 
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    Well if you are already writing individual thank yous to everybody, why not just throw in an extra line thanking each for the large company gift, plus a couple lines for each person whom you know helped out in some way? Since this was a surprise, nobody is going to expect you to know who brought in their cupcake serving platter and who had the great idea to hold the shower inthe breakroom, but if you know the HR girl did a lot of the organizing, definitely give her a special shoutout in the note you write to her.
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    Oh, and if you're really intent on knowing who all contributed and in what way, you could always reach out to the HR person. They know everything!
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