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Aaagh Night Sweats

So I somehow escaped any real night sweats for the first two weeks post partum with this one.  With my first, the night sweats were drenching.  I'm only just now starting to have symptoms though.  Weirdly, I'm now having them, but in the evening instead of the middle of the night.  I'm sweating so badly I can almost not stand to hold LO to bf.  Eeesh.  Anyone else having delayed sweats?

Re: Aaagh Night Sweats

  • Mine were awful during week two (had to shower at 1am a couple times...). MUCH better the last couple nights at 3.5 weeks PP. Hope it tails off soon for you:)
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  • Mine just started in the last few days, Evie will be 2 weeks on Friday, I'm not sure if that's delayed or normal but I can tell my body temp gets wacky other times of the day too, I'm just better able to control it by adding/removing layers.  The first week I peed a ton so I figure I got that out of my system now I have to sweat out the rest.
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  • My night sweats started a few days ago, and I haven't even had my baby yet.  I'm in the hospital now being induced and woke up drenched about a half hour ago.  Ugh.
  • Baby is a week old today and I've had them since she was born. I didn't know it was a thing, I just thought it was gross. This makes me feel better. 
  • I also had them immediately following birth with my first. Currently 3 days postpartum with #2 and I'm actually cold at night!

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  • I'm still 3 days out from my due date but I've been having night sweats for over a week! FTM so I didn't know that was a thing! This makes me feel better at least :). I'm really really hoping baby makes her arrival soon. The suspense is killing me.
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