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TW Tuesday

who/what is being a twatwaffle today
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Re: TW Tuesday

  • l4rkl4rk member
    Me! Last night I borrowed the grocery points card from my SO, then cafefully returned his wallet to his jacket pocket. This morning we realized I had actually put his wallet in my American brother-in-law's jacket, who had already left for the ferry and is heading back to the states. His phone was off and we couldn't reach him. My SO was sooo choked. Trying to be nice, but clearly pissed, you know?

    Luckily, for me, this story has a happy ending. We got a hold of my sister just before the ferry loaded and she literally ran the wallet to guest services. She juuuuust made it on the ferry and SO is now on the way to the terminal to pick up his wallet before work. :)
  • My stove is a tw. It only one burner works. It's a pain in the ass to cook dinner. Luckily it's covered in my home warranty but it will still be at least a week of this.
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  • Sickness. DS was vomiting all day yesterday (double ear infection plus a virus), SO is just as whiney as DS (virus/man flu), and now the baby has these loud, violent, junky sounding sneezes (how the virus started for the other two). Awesome. I've got another migraine. Double awesome.

    This sucks. 
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