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Pregnant after a Loss

Fearing a blighted ovum?? ***Update***

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Hi all,

my early viability scan didn't exactly go the way we'd hoped. Whe're 5+4 with an gestational sac measuring 5+2. The sonographer said she "might" see the beginning of the yolk sac but we're "in a grey area". 

any of your experiences, good and bad would be appreciated. 

I just don't know if I should be prepping for the worst or keeping the faith. This is going to be a long few weeks. 

Thanks to all. 

Eta typo. 


We had another scan today and we measured 6+2 with a heartbeat detected! Now let's worry about the next milestone!! ;)

Re: Fearing a blighted ovum?? ***Update***

  • Right now you are pregnant, 5wks is really early to see anything.  I prepared for the worst before every ultrasound, but not by choice it was just my natural reaction to assume the worst after our MMC.

    If I could tell you anything it would be try and live in reality, we just don't know what they are doing in there, and it is completely out of our control.
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  • And just know.... 5+ anything is way early. Just have some faith and relax 
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  • Thanks guys. I think I havd some PTSD from my MMC discovered at 12+5. I'm trying not to let myself spiral. I am pregnant and need to give it all a chance... But this feeling sucks. 
  • Keep the faith. I had two early ultrasounds around 6 weeks that showed totally empty sacs. Went back a week later and there was a baby measuring right on track. The first was my now 3 year old perfect little boy and the second was this little one I'm 25+4 weeks with right now. Those ultrasounds don't always show everything this early on. 
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  • @rkrichey thanks for sharing, the grey area sucks but I won't write our LO off yet. Your experience helps to add hope! :)
  • ALC08ALC08 member
    My dr won't do u/s before 6 wks and even then they have always told me "we might not see what we want to because it's still very early". Try to hang in there! I know the waiting game sucks especially when you have had an inconclusive scan. I don't have much advice on easing the anxiety, it was tough for me too. Just do whatever you can to get through the day (sometimes minutes). Good luck! Hope the time passes quickly and you get good news soon!
  • Thanks so much @ALC08 I've manged to pull myself together and find some hope. Does your doctor even avoid transvaginal ultrasound? It does sound like we were at least a few days early before anything conclusive could have been established. I'm kicking myself a little for abiding by the dr and doing it this early. Won't do that again!
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