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Sick moms

My husband has had a respiratory infection/bad cold for about 9 days and I woke up today feeling pretty gross. Has anyone been sick while being the primary caregiver for babe? Any tips? I really don't want LO to get it! (Hopefully breastfeeding does its thing and will help him ward it off!!)

Re: Sick moms

  • Yup been there many times. I try to wash my hands a ton and get as muc rest as possible to get myself better. The laundry and chores can wait a day or two. Drink lots of fluids and if you feel like it's getting worse go to the doctor. 
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  • Yup! I had gastroenteritis last week. I second handwashing! And I tried to not kiss or touch her face or her hands more than necessary to take care of her (which was brutal and way harder than expected!) I pump in the mornings, and I gave her that milk for the couple days after I was feeling better so she could still get those extra antibodies just in case.
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  • I think I'm starting to get something. 
    I have a scratch throat and a runny nose.. 
    Hopefully LO doesn't get anything and hopefully whatever this is goes away as quickly as it came on :-/
  • LO and I were both sick. Her older brother had some kind of cold, and while we kept them apart, we forgot to keep him and me apart. I caught it, and by the time I felt some symptoms, I had passed it on. :(
    We eventually went to the ER--we were worried about RSV season, and LO was fine! Just a cold. I, however, ended up with pneumonia. 
    If you're breastfeeding, it should help--we're formula feeding, so that didn't help us. Just remember to take care of yourself. I'm glad I got on an antibiotic quickly so I wasn't contagious nearly as long as I could have been.
    My husband put both of us on quarantine for a few days after diagnosis. That way, we didn't spread it to the other kids, but also, so we didn't compromise LO any more than she already was. 
  • Yep, I had gastroenteritis. It was absolutely miserable even with DH helping. Keep breastfeeding!!! It helps baby fight it off even before they get it. My LO barely got it after me and her case wasn't nearly as bad.
  • I had a 4 day long migraine last week. Awful. Best thing I could do was keep lights down, TV volume very low, and put on cartoons to satisfy the toddler the best I could. 
  • Yes I had a bad cold.  I EBF so I just kept up on fluids and kept feeding but my nose was literally running on to her face.  I tried to take it very easy and have my husband handle her (I was sickest during the weekend thankfully). Just ended up getting sick but nothing too serious I don't think, just some congestion.  I hope you feel better!
  • Thanks ladies!! I'm sitting here with tissues in my nose and a low grade fever. I've been hand washing and trying not to kiss LO but he had his 2 month vaccines today so he's super cuddly. Fingers crossed!!
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