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Air Travel in Early Pregnancy Safety?

Hi Ladies - I just got my BFP two days ago, and already had a business trip scheduled for today. I'm flying this evening and tomorrow evening for work. My due date (based on ovulation) is 11/19, making me 4+1 today. Is it safe to fly? For some reason, my my PGAL brain assumes that flying this early could potentially increase the chance of MC, but I have no evidence to support this, and haven't really been able to find anything via TB search function (or Dr. Google) for "flying/air travel safety at 4 weeks pregnant."

I apologize if this is a stupid question or if it has been asked before, but I MC'd at 4+3 last time, so I'm still freaking out as I haven't even made it past that yet. Just curious if the cabin pressure changes have any effect on early pregnancy or if I'm just being extra paranoid. 

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Re: Air Travel in Early Pregnancy Safety?

  • Everything I've read says that before 3rd trimester it's safe to fly and that flying is avoided by some not because miscarriage increases, but because the logistics of a MC away from home can be rough.

    It's easy to be paranoid when you're PGAL.  Good luck!
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  • @anna.oskar Thanks so much! It would definitely be awful to MC away from home. I wish I could avoid this trip, but at least it's only for one day! 

    PS. I love your Harry Potter ticker! 

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  • Yay @MissAmeliaPond! What a great week for TTCAL folks! So excited to see you here. Even though, I MC at 10 weeks, I am still freaking out this week. I hope your betas double this week!

     PS We are due date twins!
  • We had planned a trip to Disney prior to my BFP and I was about 5-6 weeks pregnant when we went. 

    I will recommend picking up some motion sickness tablets just in case, it affected me more than I had expected on the plane. Other than that, I'm sure you'll be fine! 
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  • @chloe97 Thank you! I'm still mostly in disbelief and super nervous! 

    @WinchestertoPittsburgh thank you! I'm just glad it's not a super long flight!

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