2nd Trimester

Anyone blogging their pregnancy - I want to read it!

I tried searching for this but all the threads are from 2009. If there has been a recent thread on this please just help me find it.

Just wondering if anyone's blogging their pregnancy because I'd love to read it as I go through the same things. Of course the community boards are great but I love the format of reading on someone's personal electronic space.

Give me your links!

Mine is https://mypeanutbutterstachy.blogspot.com/ - I started blogging 5 years before I got pregnant, so I talk about a lot of things not just pregnancy but I'm doing weekly updates.


Re: Anyone blogging their pregnancy - I want to read it!

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    This is great. Mine is just to keep all friends and family included in our journey that live out of town. I'll definitely read yours. 
    Here's mine; www.michellelynnrobert.blogspot.com 
  • @michelle_shelle I was just reading your blog and would love to see updates of the nursery and your homemade things!
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  • Will do! As soon as things happen I will be posting them. Thank you for reading and I love the feedback. We may be shopping this weekend and I'll have an update of whatever we buy. 
  • I am! My link is www.spencerbaby.com, looking forward to reading your updates!
    Me: 27 DH: 29
    Baby #1 - DD 8/29/16
    Baby #2 - EDD 4/6/18

  • If you're looking for pregnancy blogs, not just specifically people from TB, the tag to try on tumblr is 'pregblr' 
    Super lame, I know. 
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