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I can't live without...

2winterbabies2winterbabies member
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My baby carrier! DD will not let me put her down today!!  :s I also couldn't do it without my boppy pillow, swing, and play gym. These things I use with DD on a daily basis.

What baby products do you use day to day? 
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Re: I can't live without...

  • BarrettJ89BarrettJ89 member
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    My three main ones are:
    MAM glow in the dark pacifiers
    Boudreaux's Rash Prevention Spray
    Cheap petroleum jelly

    It never fails we lose the pacifiers in the middle of the night. Flipping on lights to find them is almost worse than going without the stupid thing. 

    That spray is amazing. My son (15 mo) has issues with citric acid causing severe diarrhea and a blistering diaper rash. I use the spray on him and it prevents diaper rash! Love it. 

    The petroleum jelly is a total life saver for when either kiddo does get diaper rash. For whatever reason, it works a million times better than any diaper rash cream. 
  • Rock and play! Sometimes I get LO to nap in it but if not it's a good place to put her while I pee or whatever. 

    Halo Swaddle Sack is a life saver as well. 

    A bunny I made with a music box I salvaged from DW's baby toy is the only thing that calms her down when she's distraught. She likes music. :smiley: 
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  • Ktan carrier has been great when she is fussy or shen we are in social situations. 
    Nursing tanks are a must for me. I live in them. 
  • Swaddle sacks, boppy, snuza (x100!!) and choosing to supplement night time feeding with formula(aka a full baby who sleeps!!)
  • My baby swing. Only time I get to do anything is if he is in there. He stays so quiet
  • Swaddle me, baby carrier and my tervis tumbler of water
  • My snap n go stroller--makes errands so easy, the auto rock n play, and Cadbury mini eggs to get me through my nighttime pumping sessions!
  • Nipple shields and music - she loves to dance. Recently discovered she loves Nirvana lol
  • AchaeAchae member
    My ring sling for soothing the savage beast and nursing tanks. 
  • My baby swing and gas drops.
  • Halo swaddle sack. 
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  • SBH041815SBH041815 member
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    My Moby wrap--I use it every single day, several times a day for naps or walks

    Exercise ball--I bounce on this with baby several times a day to help her nod off for a nap or to calm a crying spell, it's magical!

    Halo swaddle sack--use it every night for sleep 

    Absorbent breast pads for nursing and my nursing bra

    Edit because I forgot the last thing I can't live without 
  • Bottle warmer (we premix formula and store in bottles in the fridge then warm. It is easier on his belly. Warming in a bottle warmer is much more even and faster)

    Wubanub. Best pacifier ever. Will never lose it. 

    Rock and Play
  • The bouncy chair that vibrates. My LO will stop crying no matter what when placed in it. It is also a guaranteed way to get her to poop. We always put her in her chair before bath time. ;)
  • l4rkl4rk member
    The baby swing! Funny because last time we did one of these, I said I regretted buying it. But 3 days ago she took to it and now naps hours each day (knock wood). It's the first place she's napped without being held or wrapped!
  • My Boppy, vibrating bouncer, Boba wrap and swaddle pods. 

    I see a lot of the same things being mentioned!
  • Our rock and play, the white noise machine, petroleum jelly, nursing bras, and instant oatmeal.  Especially that rock and play, it is the only place LO takes daytime naps in for longer than 15 minutes and a great place to set her down as needed as I can fold it and bring all around the house. And that white noise is fantastic for calming her! Oatmeal because it is the only thing I can scrounge quickly in my morning mind fog that is yummy and keeps me full.
  • Aden & Anais swaddle blankets- they're the only ones she'll tolerate!

    Solly Baby Wrap


    Exercise ball- calms her instantly!
  • Bottle warmer and sterilizer so I can clean and prepare the days bottles in advance and just warm quickly as needed. Lulyboo to go bassinet, which I use in my bed so LO can sleep right next to me safely - she actually sleeps 4-5 hour stretches that way. And the swing which is the only place DD will let me put her down during the day, I'm not ashamed to say most of her naps are in that swing! 
  • Having my mom as LO's caregiver Monday-Friday.  She goes above and beyond what we could have ever wanted her to do, when she's watching DS in our home during the week.  The times when DH takes over when LO is fussy, because he swoops in just at the right time, which is when I am about to start crying myself when I can't get DS consoled. 

    As far as baby products my top 3 are;
    1. Butt paste for his diaper rash
    2. Dr. Browns bottles have been amazing and LO hasn't had any issue with these bottles
    3. Bibs/Burp cloths, DS spits up randomly after his feedings.  It's not a lot usually, but having him wear a bib throughout the day and having burp cloths all around the house have saved me from doing even more laundry than I already do.

  • Podsters. Seriously the best thing for our babies to be placed in (especially since I can't hold them both at the same time) 

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  • @BarrettJ89 I use the Butt Paste but never have heard of the spray.  I bought it today at Target! Thanks for mentioning that, because the paste has been a life saver.  I also second you on the glow in the dark pacifiers.  I just discovered those two weeks ago.  

    P.S.  Hows the formula been working out for you guys?  Seeing any more improvements?

  • @teachmegs817  I've had a lot of luck supplementing with formula. We've been using similar total comfort - it's only half of the milk protein - already partially broken down - so it's much easier for the LOs to break down in their tummies. We've been supplementing with them since we came home from the hospital as I did not have enough supply to keep up with my little mans appetite. He is an excellent eater and spits up minimally. We've also had no major problems with gas, coloc, etc. During the day we mostly feed him breast milk that I've pumped or I directly breastfeed him. We do supplement with the occasional daytime bottle of formula and exclusively use formula for over night feedings. In the earlier weeks he slept roughly 3 hour stretches. Im  happy to say that little man has slowly increased that and at 6 weeks he slept 6+ hours the past week most nights. I'm a fan!!
  • -halo swaddle sack (literally the only way she'll sleep in her crib for hours)
    -the boppy pillow (for breastfeeding)
    -my mom! She's so helpful and we all call her the baby whisperer lol. 
  • @happymrs17 LO is on Nutramigen by Enfamil.  We went through nightmare issues with formula.  He's been on this one for about 2 months now.  It's working well.  I am going to talk to the Pedi. at his 4 month checkup to see about getting him off of it and onto something more basic.  It's $38 a can and I want to see if he really can tolerate a more generic formula versus a specialty one now that he's has time to grow and his stomach has matured a little.  He was born 6 weeks early, so we were battling a lot of his stomach issues due to prematurity. 

  • The glider!!! It's nice all of the time when I'm rocking DD, but in the middle of the night - like right now - it's the most wonderful thing ever. 
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