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First ear infection

My LO has been waking up allll night for the past 4 nights and I thought okay something is wrong bc she doesn't do this! I thought it was leap 6 but she just seemed different at night - restless but so tired. She was eating less too. Ear infection it is. I feel so bad for her! We're on our first night of meds - they prescribed Amoxicillin. Anyone have experience with this and how long it takes for baby to not be in pain? They said give antibiotic to her for 10 days. 

Re: First ear infection

  • We just completed a round of Amoxicillin for a minor ear infection. It took about 2-3 days for my LO to feel better/ stop grabbing her ear. However, she has had diarrhea since the 2nd day of treatment combined with a pretty bad diaper rash. Hope your LO feels better soon!

  • @icedrop -- the diaper rash might be a yeast infection.  yeast infections are common after antibiotics and look a lot like diaper rash.  make sure to follow up with dr!
  • Hope babies get well soon!!!
  • We are on our THIRD ear infection in FOUR weeks. I'm over it. Big brother (2 years old) is on number 2 in 4 weeks as well so we just keep passing back and forth and it is so maddening!!!! LO had an allergic reaction to amoxicillan wth the first infection so switched mid-dose (took 3 days to have a reaction) then at our recheck ped said it hadn't totally gone away so started a new antibiotic. Took big brother back to ped 2 days ago for fever, cough...sure enough another ear infection. Crazy thing is he has never had one until these 2!!! LOs ears were clear when we took big brother bUT then he started the fever and cough yesterday. Checked out today and ears are infected again so stronger antibiotics this time. I'm ready to have healthy babies again!!!! Hope everyone else's babes are feeling better.
  • Okay, strange question. What made you know it was an ear infection? My LO grabs her ears every so often, but is also teething like crazy. 
  • @mcb0110 I didn't know with the first one for either of my boys. Took them bc they'd had a cough for 7 days. No outward signs of an ear infection in either ox them. Oops. 
  • I had a feeling it was an ear infection bc she kept waking at night but it wasn't a I'm hungry wake or snuggle me wake. It was restlessness, eyes closed but couldn't sleep. She would do it multiple times a night so I knew something was up. She also had a runny nose. She also pulled her ears constantly to the point where one she scratched and was bleeding. 
  • Mine is on day 4 of Amoxicillin for her 1st ear infection...same as pp, lots of screaming in the night! Took 2 days of antibiotics before she felt better.
  • Good to know. I think my LO is just teething, but I'm going to be keeping an eye on it. Thanks for sharing ladies. Hope your LO is doing better! 
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