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Best products for baby eczema?

Hello everyone. Was wondering if anyone else's baby is dealing with eczema? My lil guy has just been diagnosed and is on topical steroids which is really helping the flare up. I recently switched him to California baby wash and lotion with calendula. It feels really nice and I've even used it on my face ( I've got adult acne and very sensitive dry skin) The pedi said to keep his skin really moist. I'm thinking I might just use coconut oil as a lotion, I had luck with it for his cradle cap and the pedi said it was fine to try and old school doctors say to use crisco. Just wondering if anyone else has had luck with any certain products in preventing flare ups. And if anyone has used a sunscreen that's not irritating, he needs to start wearing sunscreen and I'm concerned about the ingredients being irritating. Thanks!

Re: Best products for baby eczema?

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    I love the Aveeno Baby Eczema line - the oatmeal bath packets as well as the lotion. We use the lotion every night and it works wonders for LO's mild eczema.

    ETA The lotion worked better than coconut oil for us, we tried both.
  • DD's pediatrician recommended vanicream. It has worked wonders. Immediately helped and we now use it every night. No more flare ups. Highly recommend. 
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  • I love Aquaphor mixed with a prescription cream the doctor prescribed for my youngest. Aquaphor is by far the best I've found.
  • We use Eucerin. We put DS1 (he has extreme eczema all over his body) prescription cream on the rough spots and put a layer of Eucerin creme all over to seal it in. They also have body wash that we've switched to which has made a tremendous difference.
  • I used to use the Aveeno. However, Pediatrician recommends thicker like creams, so she recommended vaseline. Baby has his good and bad days. When he gets really itchy, I use hydrocortisone.

    On a side note, a friend recommends a home remedy: She says to put breastmilk in affected areas. She said it worked for her son. Obviously doctors don't recommend this because it is not a scientifically proven method. I don't breast feed so I'm SOL.

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  • I quit breastfeeding 2 months ago...had I only known...
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    I use out of africa shea butter unscented body oil on her before drying her off from the bath, and eucerin eczema cream additionally as needed. This combo has helped prevent any flare ups for us. Hope you find something that works for you! 
  • Exederm baby wash and lotion. Clears my baby's skin right up!
  • Here's what  worked for us.  We will only use pampers sensitive baby wipes or walmart brand sensitive. I read somewhere huggies and some other brands and regular pampers maybe has an ingredient that irritates eczema.   We use the bar dove moisturizing soap sensitive kind with no dyes, perfumes.  We use hydrocortisone cream when it's really bad and Vaseline brand lotion intensive care advanced repair fragrance free.  Put it on right after bath while they are still damp. 

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  • Eucerin baby eczema body lotion and body wash has worked for us.

  • Ditto to the aquaphor baby jar! It's like a Vaseline and the only lotion that has helped our LO. We layer it on every night before bed and it has made a HUGE difference.
  • MrsL32MrsL32 member
    We see a pediatric dermatologist, she recommends 20 minute soaks every night, followed immediately by straight vaseline all over.  We have hydrocortizone ointment (NOT cream) for flare ups.  She said to always use ointment vs. lotion/cream, because creams are more prone to irritating already sensitive skin.  For diaper cream, she recommends fougera brand (I had to get it online) - because it has the fewest ingredients (3), and it was amazing.  
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  • Our pediatrician recommended cetaphil cream (not lotion) and it works really well for him. I don't use it enough but it does a good job when I do. 
  • I put Aquaphor on my 9 mo old baby girl & have been since she was born. It was recommended by my dermatologist. 
  • I have used all of the above mentioned products with some success. The Aveeno seemed to be the one that worked the best. I also use coconut oil and when she bathes I use pure castille soap or a homemade body wash that consists of water, jojoba oil, castille soap and a few drops of lavender essential oil. That way I know exactly whats in it and i know those things won't irritate it any further.
  • The Babyganics Eczema Care cream, and if we use it consistently it works great.

    We also tried the Seventh Generation coconut lotion but I think it was just too light of a cream to make a difference.
  • I feel ya, girl.  We've been battling Eczema for months and the system my doctor recommended has worked wonders for us.  My LO's skin no longer gets big patches - just the occasional teeny little spot or two on his body.  We have to do the lotion and aquaphor on his cheeks 4-6 times a day to keep them from getting bad.

    - infrequent baths - we bathe LO once or twice a week. (so he's right on par with his new, first time mom!;) )
    - warm, not hot baths
    - keep the bath short
    - only use a small amount Dove bar soap and only on the dirty bits - hands, face, "bathing suit area".
    - Dry him off really well
    - grease him up with Cetaphil lotion from the neck down within 3 minutes of getting out of the water to "lock the moisture in"
    - use Cetaphil on any dry spots on his face or scalp
    - use Aquaphor on any eczema spots
    - Use hydrocortizone ointment only if it's all oozy and flaky

    this approach has been a big help to us.  Now his little spots are just that - teeny little spots that i know i can vanish in a day or two.

    We make our own laundry detergent, so i know there's no fragrance, and do an extra rinse cycle.
    I sure hope your LO's skin gets better.  It's tiresome to keep on top of this stuff - i just keep hoping we can back off the lotion train once warm weather gets here!
  • You can try aveeno products. I used Aveeno baby shampoo and had good experience with it so I assume their other products are good.
  • I can understand as my baby had this problem. I shifted to using Natural Baby products containing pure essentials oils. I use Parasol's baby lotion. Once I switched to this brand, I did not use any other product as this has really helped in treating the eczema along with the other medications that my pedi has told me.
  • My baby gets big patches all over his body.  What has helped is infrequent baths that are warm not hot. We use the aveeno eczema line with oatmeal colloid. I put this on every night before bed and sometimes in the mornings if it's bad. I've also tried the dove eczema brand lotion but it's not as thick as aveeno. 
  • Tubby Tod. The only product that keeps my sons eczema under control
  • Something that has helped for us is making our own soap with breastmilk and an oatmeal based soap I just mix it together and add a little vitamin e oil to it as well. It's my last bag of breastmilk though but it made about 10 bars of soap that will hold him off until I can pump more. Also the aveeno thick cream for eczema relief night time lavender seems to help as well. 
  • pj88pj88 member
    Aveeno eczema night balm. MIRACLE worker
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