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FFFC 3/4

This made me bust out laughing!!! 


Re: FFFC 3/4

  • I had to pick DD up from school yesterday because she was sick.  She threw up once, and pooped once (TMI, deal with it).  That was it....all day long. No fever, her normally busy, chatty self.  
    I REALLY hoped she had gotten sick overnight so I didn't have to come to work today.  I know that's horrible of me to wish her sick...but even just a low fever would have been a nice (albeit selfish) reason to stay home.  Last night, I told DH I was going to keep her home today just in case, and he got all judgy mcjudgerson telling me to save my time!  UGH, Mama wants a nap!

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  • I am being super judgemental towards the other girl at work who is also pregnant.  We work in different depts and when she has questions/bitch she seeks me out.  If it was a normal bf I'd be ok with it, however she is acting like a very entitled FTM even though this is her second.

    Shes complained about how her ms is/was terrible, she hates the name she and her husband picked out, that her husband is being deployed on her dd so she is demanding they induce a week or two early, and the latest is that she failed her glucose test by a point and has to take the three hour, but her lab won't let her start until 9 am so she is going to spend much of the day at the hospital and that is the end of the world.  She is also considering switching Dr's and birth centers because they are being too difficult.

    I am not so judgemental because to each their own but I have been avoiding her or acting super busy when she comes to my desk.  
  • I feel like a horrible mom today. Yesterday DH left before DD woke up and was home after she went to bed due to a work obligation. DD was so well behaved and just in a wonderful mood yesterday, so much fun to be around. This morning...she woke up MISERABLE. She was so cranky, didn't want to get dressed, almost ripped her pajamas when I tried taking them off to get her ready to go, wouldn't let me do her hair, insisted on putting her pants on...only halfway..., just SUCH a pill. I was in a rush this morning because my coworkers were doing a baby shower for me this morning at 8 before classes. I normally get in to work around 8:10, so I was trying to get out early and had no patience for her shenanigans this morning. Worst part of it all? The only thing she wanted to do was snuggle in my arms. And I couldn't let her do it :'( Instead she got yelled at for the tantrum and a spank on her (diapered) behind. Then she insisted on me carrying her into her daycare, which is hard enough carrying her bag in and trying to open the gate at the same time, then add in a 9 month belly, so I couldn't do it, and she lost it. She got so upset and I had to do a fast goodbye. I almost burst into tears when I got in the car to drive to work because I wish I could have just held and snuggled her all morning the way she wanted, but instead I yelled at her. I just feel like a horrible HORRIBLE mom and can't wait until 4pm when I can pick her up and snuggle...
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  • My FFFC is that DH and I just got a text from Verizon that we've blown through 75% of our data halfway through our cycle.  I'm positive 90% of that usage has been me using my phone at work being a slacker.  DH texts me asking how this is possible and I played dumb. I plan on using my work phone for data for the rest of the month.
  • CCLow87 said:
    If the first time I see someone post is in the labor watch thread or the birth announcement thread, I have a hard time caring much.
    I still wanna know how I missed the mama with triplets! I swear, I woulda remembered her!

    I'm supposed to be headed to DH's office, then errands because my shower is this weekend and we have a bunch of people staying with us, so I have a million things to do.
    Instead I'm laying in bed 'waiting for my hair to dry' and bumping. So tired.
  • Seriously, it is clearly my second to last Friday if I'm already confessing again. I'm trying to do a demonstration with my students today on cellular respiration using yeast and sugar, but it isn't working. I have no back up plan. The rest of my classes are really well behaved. I'm tempted to just have them read, make inferences, do the sheet and then whatever instead of standing up in from of them trying to get the stupid demonstration to work. Too much sciatic pain to care. I want to just tell them that I honestly don't care what they do as long as its not against school rules and it doesn't bother me.
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  • So I packed a PB&J sandwich for my 5 hour train ride home to Denmark for my baby shower. Just crossed the bridge from Sweden to Denmark and the sandwich is already gone. This is gonna be a long day. 


  • This maybe more of an OP but I am slightly hoping I need to be induced again.  I hate dealing with the unexpected and not knowing the date I am going into labor really gives me an anxiety attack/messes with my control freak tendencies.  With DD we had two episodes where is went in, was monitored and then sent home.  It's so disappointing when that happens. I have had too many cousins or friends who did not make it to the hospital or almost didn't make it that I am nervous I will try to wait it out too l9ng or think it's false since being induced is supposedly more painful and I have a high tolerance for pain.
  • @imrachellea, if it makes you feel any better, I had to teach a colleagues class today about transcription and translation because she is never fucking here and leaves me to dole out her lesson plans. Anyway, I got done teaching her second class what to do and realized I told them to look at the tRNA sequence instead of the mRNA sequence to decode the amino acids. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I've been teaching biology 11 years. So now her first two classes are probably confused about how to do their activity, and I have to tell their teacher that I screwed up. I'm totally calling pregnancy brain on this one....
  • I have been in bed all day. Definitely throwing myself a pity party because I don't want to adult anymore and everything is hard to do. I'm sure this will be all out of my system before LO arrives >.> Not.
  • @erind228 So I'm not a science teacher by choice. I love it, I enjoy it, but I happened in to it. I'm certified in elementary education and social studies grades 5-9. My first choice would always be teaching middle school social studies. There were two positions at the school I'm at when I interviewed, a 6th grade science position and a SS position. Because I was certified through grade 6, they ask if I wanted to be considered for both positions, being certified for both. Sure! Two positions to be considered for, twice as good a chance at getting a job! Got the job, for science. Which is great. I love science. But I also haven't taken a science class myself since my sophomore year of undergrad as a gen ed requirement, and it was one of those "gimme" courses. So I'm pretty sure that I am telling my students wrong information sometimes, because they ask higher level thinking questions, not addressed in our curriculum, that I tell them what logically sounds right based on what I DO know as fact, but write it off as fact since I don't want to be "figured out" by a 12 year old. 
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  • @Ready4theParty  I am right there with you! A coworker announced on facebook 2 days ago via a big fancy video that she is pregnant...for the 3rd time.  Showing the US photos and everything.  She's 6 weeks pregnant.  Yesterday she posted on FB that thunder was cramping her nap with "#aintnotiredlikepreggotired"  Bitch please....you've done this twice, you are barely pregnant.  You want attention and you are jealous of the two other women at school who are pregnant (one of which has had some major medical issues throughout, the other being me).  Quit seeking attention and deal with your decisions.  You claim you weren't trying.  I call BS.  You obviously were if you figured it out and had a US appointment that quickly.   Shut the hell up, K? Thanks!

  • I didn't even bother with taking kids to school today.  4/7 have some sort of virus thing going on, so I figured I was doing everyone a favor by not spreading it.  Then I slept till 10:30.  
  • cmjenkies said:
    I may have just grabbed an entire sleeve of thin mints to bring in the car with me today instead of just a couple of cookies for the road.. whoops.  ;)
    I'm convinced that Thin Mints and Cookies and Cream Ice Cream are creations of the devil himself...
  • So I packed a PB&J sandwich for my 5 hour train ride home to Denmark for my baby shower. Just crossed the bridge from Sweden to Denmark and the sandwich is already gone. This is gonna be a long day. 
    We're twinning on this. I packed a PB&J for lunch. I ate it at 10:30 AM. Oops.


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  • My FFFC: DH is obsessed with things smelling good. So much so that everytime we go out he randomly will look for new scented candles, air sprays, plug-ins, you name it. He had this one plug in at our last apartment that he had plugged in all the time. It smelled TERRIBLE, it was some type of cupcake-lavender-mint mix. It was even worse in the first trimester. So when we moved, it "magically" didn't make its way over to the new house. He's been looking for it ever since and I keep telling him that it's gotta be in one of the boxes we haven't unpacked yet. #sorrynotsorry
    My husband is the same way. He also sprays himself with cologne before we leave the house AND when we arrive at our destination. I have him trained to spray outside of the car now, at least, but I seriously can't go near him for a good 30 minutes until the scent fades. 
  • Confession: I would be overjoyed if this baby came now at 35.5 weeks. I am so done being pregnant. I've got a shoulder on my sciatic nerve and internal bruising up by my sternum from my baby's bum... so sore! Let's get this done and over with! On the plus side, I only have 13 days of work spread over the next 4 weeks, so yay!
  • It's noon and I'm still in pjs.

    Sometimes I wish my mom was more like my MIL - shut up & listen, be supportive, and just let us decide what we want for our LO and go with it! I always think about what I'm going to tell her before calling but it always ends up a disaster. Translating my thoughts from English to Spanish I feel like it losses it's power. 
  • A little late, and this is about my dogs again, but I flippin' HATE it when people call or whistle to my dogs while they're sitting in the car. 

    #1. If they jump out of the window because you called them, YOU are going to retrieve them. Good luck with that. 

    #2. If they do jump out and end up scratching your car while trying to greet you, because you called to them, that's YOUR problem. 

    #3. You are making my dogs go spastic with barking and jumping. This makes me very angry and I'm now this close to losing my shit. I may hit you. 

    I would never ever call to someone's dog. Especially while they're driving or at a stop light. Why do people do this????

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