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Did your LO have a 6 month growth spurt?

DS is 5.5 months old and can't seem to get enough to eat. He normally eats 25-30 oz but now seems to want more which seems like a lot. He's waking up at night to eat too when he was sleeping through the night. He's not quite 6 months though and he was born early so I dunno. 

Re: Did your LO have a 6 month growth spurt?

  • Mine seemed to have a growth spurt right at 6 months. I put him in carter's 9 months onesies like 2 weeks ago and they were loose, now they are getting a little snug. He's 17 lb 6oz, 28in as of yesterday. Actually he went from 2 motn feedings(He's formula fed) to 1 and last night sttn. I'm sure he was knocked out from getting his shots though. He is eating a lot of food during the day. I started with 1 baby bullet serving and soon he kept yelling at me for more so now he gets 2 1/2 servings twice a day. He's taking about 26 oz a day now not including 1 motn feeding which is hopefully done, so the pedi said I can give him as much food as he wants.
  • Thanks for the response. Just curious how much extra breast milk is normal for them to consume during this spurt. I'm pumping now cuz I'm back at work and I feel like he's being over fed a little. He was having 25-30 oz per day and now it's maybe 5 oz more than that which seems like a lot 
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  • I don't think there is any one normal number because every baby is different. I've heard a lot that it is impossible to over feed babies with breast milk. 

    The general rule is 2-2.5 oz per pound per day. So an 18 lb baby would take in anywhere from 36-45 oz a day.
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