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Mini pill. Worried about pregnancy.

So, I'm on the mini pill because I breastfeed. Ever since I started it my periods have been totally irregular and I've had lots of breakthrough bleeding. However, for the past few weeks I haven't had any bleeding (period or breakthrough), and I can't help but to assume pregnancy, which I am so not ready for again already. I have no idea if I'm late because my periods haven't been on any type of schedule whatsoever. I took two pregnancy tests over the weekend and both were negative, but I still find myself wondering. 

Could this just be my body finally regulating itself? I'm on week three of the birth control pack I'm taking right now. Hoping this is the case because it would be so nice to finally be back on a schedule. Lol! Has anyone else who has taken the mini pill while breastfeeding had a similar experience? My OB said the breakthrough bleeding would last for three or four packs, and I am on my fourth pack now so maybe the breakthrough bleeding has just finally stopped. Who knows.

Re: Mini pill. Worried about pregnancy.

  • I wouldn't worry yet. It's probably your body getting used to the hormones in the pill. I'd wait for the next period. If that doesn't come or is a week or so late, I'd do another test.
  • I wouldn't worry, but you know you don't skip a week with the mini pill right? I know you said you are on the 323rd week, but that doesn't matter, because you have to take them all. My ob said it could take up to four months for bleeding to become regular subs that some people stop bleeding all together. I never regulated so I stopped the mini pill before I became pregnant. I went with the skyla this time because I too am breastfeeding. 
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  • I agree it could be your body. I've been on the mini pill for about 15 weeks now and I typically get a period about every other week. Not fun but I just got one three days early so I'm hoping it's my period resetting itself. My body used to do that about once a year on its own before this baby so a reset (early/late period by a week longer than normal heavier than my normal) is something I'm completely used to. 
  • I've been on the mini pill for 14 weeks and haven't had a period. I wouldn't be too worried but my OB said to make sure to take the pill at the exact same time everyday and use backup contraception since the mini pill isn't as reliable. 
  • Thanks, ladies. I think I will wait another week or two and test again if no period. It's just odd because I was getting one at least every other week, along with breakthrough bleeding, and now nothing. I guess that could have been my body regulating itself and now that it has they will be more spread out. Did anyone take the mini pill and have several periods and then the periods stopped? I've heard of women having one and then nothing. Just not sure what is going on. Lol
  • how is the mini pill?  I am breastfeeding and haven't got my period back.  My OB prescribed the mini but hubby and I so rarely have sex anymore that I'm not even taking birth control.  Between his work schedule my lack of sleep and feeling exhausted I am not really in the mood.  We have sex about 1 time a week but he usually pulls out.  I haven't been on the pill for 20 years and don't think I'm going to get on it but the pullout method isn't working as good as it used to as hubby says he can't control it very well anymore lol..probably because we don't have sex that regularly right now lol
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    @Rikki_5 It isn't bad other than the fact that it's so annoying. I literally bled what felt like every couple of days November, December and January, and now I'm wondering if I'm pregnant again because I haven't had any bleeding for a few weeks. I did talk to my nurse at my OB's office yesterday though and she said what I'm going through is totally normal. She thinks it's just my body adjusting to the hormone in the pill, plus breastfeeding, and postpartum in general. She said it isn't unusual at all to bleed a ton the first three months and then not. :-/ Normal or not, it's annoying. I'd love to switch to something else but my OB isn't offering anything as an alternative. My hubby and I plan to try for baby #2 within the next 12-18 mos, so this works short-term. I still ask my hubby to pull out most of the time because I don't trust the mini pill enough. Of course I didn't the past couple of times and now my period is late, sooo there's that. Lol! 
  • I like the mini pill, I just have trouble remembering to take it at the same time everyday! I wouldn't suggest the pull-out method unless you'd be ok if you got pregnant again this soon.
  • I haven't had one period since I had my son in October. I'm also on the mini pill and breastfeeding. The one thing you have to make sure of on the mini pill is to take it at the same time everyday and if you miss one, don't double up and you'll have to use a backup BC if you miss a pill or take it late for 48 hours. My Dr made sure to tell me to read the instructions as they are different from the regular combo pills. And my sis and her 3rd pregnancy are a result of not reading up on it.

    My suggestion to remember is to set an alarm everyday on your phone to remind you to take the pill on-time.
  • I picked a time when I would be at home most nights. For me, that is 10:45pm, and lately that's our signal to go up and start getting ready for bed. I also try to leave the phone alarm going until I actually take the pill (and not just dismiss it right away).
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