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Type 2 Diabetes- 33 weeks and baby measuring 2 wks ahead of schedule.

Okay, I have tried finding the answer for this question on other boards, so if this is somewhere else, then I am sorry for a repeat question.  FYI, I do not post, but more of a lurker.  Anywho, I went for my 32 wk appointment ( I am actually 32.6 so you might say 33 wk) and they did a growth scan and the DD is weighing in at 5 lbs 8 ozs.  I know that gs are not known for their reliability, but because I am a diabetic it makes me wonder if they are going to take steps to ensure that DD doesn't get too big.  I am not seeing my dr till next week, but was wondering what some of you diabetic moms had to say.  I also have to have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks due to medical reasons, so there is that to consider.  Thanks for any advice you can give.

Re: Type 2 Diabetes- 33 weeks and baby measuring 2 wks ahead of schedule.

  • I am going to follow this thread. I have gestational diabetes. This is my second and my first was a preemie but was tracking 3-4wks ahead so if I make it to term, I am concerned I will need a c-section due to his size. I would much rather have a vaginal delivery like my first. Hopefully others weigh in on their experiences.
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  • I was also a diabetic pre pregnancy. It depends on how in control of your sugars you are. If you are in control, I honestly would try to relax. Are you doing or started your NST tests as well? They won't let baby get big, which is also part of the reason why I am guessing your are having a c section at 39 weeks? It sounds like your daughter is right on target. If I remember correctly when I had mine done around 34 weeks, my daughter was around 5 lbs. I was induced at 39 weeks and I ultimately had a c section. My daughter was 7 lbs and 3 oz at birth. 
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  • I'm type 2 pre pregnancy as well. Tuesday (32w3d) baby was measuring at 4lb9oz (about 70th percentile according to the NP). So, a bit smaller than your LO but it freaks me out a bit because that was a jump from the 50th percentile at 28weeks. My doc was pretty casual about it, I guess because I've had pretty good control of my numbers during pregnancy, and just said we'd recheck size in a few weeks, but I can't help but be anxious about it, as I'm really hoping to VBAC and don't want my dr to have a reason to start talking early induction it rcs based on estimated size. 

    This is is my first type 2 pregnancy. With DD1 I had GD and she was 7lb14oz at 40 weeks. DD2 (c/s, breech) was 9lb3oz at 37w with no diagnosed GD or pre-preg diabetes! I'm hoping to split the difference this time, lol. 
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  • I have gestational diabetes and at 35 weeks and 3 days my son was weighing 8 lbs 2 oz. I'm diet controlled and the only real concern my ob had was a vaginal delivery. So they scheduled me for a c section.. At 39 weeks. I wouldn't stress too much.. I had another scan just last week at 37 weeks 6 days and he was only weighing 8 lb 10 oz. The doctor said it depends on how good of a measurment they took.
  • I am GD and diet controlled. At my 31 week, 5 day growth scan baby was measuring 5lbs. 3 oz. and head and belly were +97%tile. Went to my 32 week Dr. appt and I asked about about the ultrasound measuring baby ahead and size. He replied that he wasn't concerned with baby size, just baby maturity?!? Which I guess was spot on, but I'm not sure what he is looking at for "maturity?"
  • @newlvgirl  I think he is probably referring to how developed your baby is. More than likely thinking about your babies lungs. Most people think if their baby is big that they are okay to be born but just because they may look like an average sized baby doesn't mean their development is up to par. Not saying you think that.. Just explaining what my doctor said. My doctor wouldn't schedule the c section before 39 weeks because he said just because I'm having a baby who was measuring 98 percentile doesn't mean he was fully mature. 
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