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Growth Spurt

I'm begging, can you tell me all you know about my 10 day old potentially going through a growth spurt. First timer over here, we haven't been sleeping more than 3 hours and feeding no more than 15 minutes before he'd pass out, lots of poop (lots of poop) getting the advised amount of wet diapers too, and we religiously burp him because he is gurgle monster.  He was back up to his birth weight by day 4 (9.1) no temp, minimal jaundice, occasional long nap but not fussy at all during the day.  

Today the beast was unleashed he didn't sleep from 7am on, fed nearly every hour for 20 minutes (i broke them up 10 and 10 (thank god for a nipple shield).   He has had so much gas and so many dirty diapers, is that normal?  Ok advice please enough from me

Re: Growth Spurt

  • Definitely normal; they put more demand on you when they need to up the quantities that they are getting for an upcoming growth spurt.  This can last 1-2 days and once your body adjusts and makes more milk, things will go back to normal. However, question: are you breaking the latch to switch breasts or is he fully emptying the breast before you switch sides?  If he doesn't empty the breast, he may not be getting to the hindmilk (fatty/filling part), which can make him constantly hungry and gassy and may cause liquidier poops, and possibly green poop (instead of the mustard yellow color). Make sure that he empties he breast before switching.  Then whatever breast you ended on at your last feeding you should start with at the next feeding in case he didn't fully empty the breast and then he will get to the hindmilk faster.  Example: my DS will feed 15min on my left breast then be done.  I'll burp and then offer him the right breast.  He will eat from the right for about 5 minutes and be full.  At his next feeding, I will start with the right breast, then burp and offer the left breast. Hopefully this helps.
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    I agree definitely a growth spur! Hang in there mama !! Hind milk I hear this too but than I read that it's not necessarily true. I have read that if the baby unlatchs you should offer the other breast.
  • @Katty422 correct about letting baby unlatch themselves before switching.  OP commented that she switches sides at 10min which makes me wonder if she is unlatching him for the purpose of switching sides.  My daughter had issues as a baby b/c she wasn't getting enough hindmilk, so that's why I offered the advice of letting baby finish on one side before switching. 
  • My 8 day old is going through a growth spurt as well and what you are describing is exactly what we're going through. Can't wait for this day or two to be done with. Then we get to do it again around the 2 week point as well. Yay!

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