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diaper bags while babywearing

For those of you with more experience in this area than me, what style of diaper bag would you recommend while babywearing? I plan to use a wraps and/or soft structured carriers. If you have pics to illustrate how to manage both, that would be great!

Re: diaper bags while babywearing

  • We plan on going between baby wearing (tula and k'tan) as well as stroller/carseat/etc. and we picked up the Marc Jacobs domo arigato which is worn over the shoulder or cross body. I feel that the amount of time you will need to simultaneously haul both will be limited. FTM though so I could be wrong... I would pick a bag based on easy to clean material, structure/need, and personal preference for things like color/pattern/etc. 
  • I baby wear (and toddler wear now) and I have a diaper bag that has a long enough strap to go across my chest (it doesn't interfere with my daughter) or I just put it over my shoulder for short treks. I know a lot of baby wearing moms love backpacks as a counter balance to the baby on the front!
  • I love my Lillèbaby soft structure carrier. I ended up getting a SkipHop backpack style diaper bag for this baby since it was impossible for me to wear a side strap/cross body diaper bag comfortably while baby wearing. As @Puddles03 said, the counter balance is super helpful as baby gets heavier. :) for short outings, I put keys and wallet in my Lillèbaby pocket and leave the diaper bag behind, but for anything with duration, the backpack style is awesome. I prefer it now even when I'm not baby wearing.
  • I have a traditional diaper bag for the infant baby stage. Once baby is slightly older, we switch to a back pack.

  • I'm a STM but first time baby wearer. This question just blew my mind because I haven't even thought about it!. One more thing to add my ever growing "to research" list. Thanks for asking, it's a great question! 
  • I ended up getting a regular backpack. So easy especially when you are baby wearing and have two other kids hands to hold. 

  • I have narrowed down my bag search, I think I've settled on the Petunia Pickle Bottom Sachay Satchel (it's much cheaper on their outlet site btw). I like that you can wear it on the shoulder, and it looks like a regular purse, or you can use the extra straps and wear as a backpack. I had a big bulky JJ Cole diaper bag with DD, and say if we were to go to the mall or something, it would kill my shoulder wearing it on my shoulder if I was also wearing her as well.
  • I used my Boba all the time when my baby was little and continue to use it now that she is 2 (now on my back). However, I can't remember many instances where I carried the diaper bag for a long time while wearing DD. I often wear her at home, around the neighborhood or the park (I just put a key and phone in the pocket and leave the bag at home or in the car), at an event where I can leave the diaper bag at my seat or I am with DH so he carries it. If I am going somewhere where I am walking a ton (like the zoo) I take the stroller and load that up. 

    I have this diaper bag and love it! It can go on my shoulder or across my body. Plus it is very durable and wipes clean easily! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005WPPT54/ref=mp_s_a_1_1_a_it?qid=1456759651&sr=8-1&keywords=diaper+bag+j+cole&pi=SY200_QL40

  • I ordered a Solly Baby wrap and this Lily Jade diaper bag, which has backpack straps. https://www.lily-jade.com/designer-diaper-bags-p/m2cv-navy-slv.htm

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