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My labor + c-section birth story

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On Presidents' Day, my water broke as I was getting ready to go to bed for my last week of work at 39 weeks. I heard a pop sound, and rushed to the bathroom to find a slow leak of amniotic fluid. Earlier in the day, I hoped it would happen. I got a pedicure, bounced on the birth ball, tried what might induce me.

Hubby was on his way to work so he turned around to take me to the hospital. I was very preoccupied with the grossness of fluid gushing and wet pants, but this passed as worse was to come! After a couple hours, contractions started and I was not yet dilated. By morning, I was dilated 1 cm. They started me on a medicine alternative to pitocin and the dr told me he didn't want me to have an epidural until 6cm dilated. The medicine caused contractions every 5cm and I was still only 2cm dilated. I begged for pain meds as its been atleast 12+ hours then. So he gave me some narcotics which passed me out for 2-3 hours then I would wake up with twice as bad contractions! After more hours, still only 2cm dilated so the nurse decided to give me pitocin and asked the anesthesiologist to come give me an epidural since dr didn't approve it. Within a few more hours, I was dilated from 2cm to 10cm! 

So so then I started pushing... I couldn't hold my breath long enough or push hard enough so they turned the epidural off. 4 hours later, still pushing, with contractions less than a minute apart and side nerve pain. The pain meds were gone and I was in excruciating pain, 40 hours total now since my water broke and I had contractions start. 

So I begged for the epidural to be put back on and to be given a c section. I knew something was wrong and I wasn't getting closer with her stuck in my cervix. Hubby and nurse could see her hair for hours. The csection was the best part and over in 30 minutes. The recovery for the csection was nothing compared to the back pain and arm pain from pushing so long. 

And it was all worth it. The best surprise of my life: it was a girl! 6lb14oz. dr's said she was sunny side up and I made a good call with the csection as i'd be pushing for eternity, exhausted, with no food and energy, and her in a position not ideal. She's the most perfect baby I could imagine and I feel so lucky. 

Re: My labor + c-section birth story

  • Congratulations!!

  • She's adorable! I'm so glad everything worked out for you!
  • So cute! Glad you pushed for what felt right for you! 
  • Congratulations!
  • She's so cute. Congrats!
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