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Harrison James Smith - delayed birth post

Harrison was born on February 15th at 11:09pm.  I was induced, though I really didn't want to be (I had hoped for a drug free birth), because my doctor basically scared me into (she kept saying stillborn! do you want a stillborn?). He was late (41 weeks 2 days) and was on the "low side of normal" on amniotic fluid. I would have preferred to monitor fluid and then make decision but OB scared me too much. 

After 12 hours of Pitocin, no epidural, and the help of my doula and nurses I started pushing on my knees - the doctor didn't even come in until his head was fully out, I could feel it with my hands. Only 20 mins of pushing total. When OB came in he refused to deliver baby in that position and argued with my husband (as head is hanging out of me!). He refused to even put on his gloves unless I rolled on my back. It was a bit traumatic - I felt like I was in the twilight zone. With the help of nurses I rolled to my side where I pushed once more and Harrison was born. 

Unfortunately, he came out with his cord wrapped around his neck and was not breathing. I just remember him lying on the end of my bed and they were trying to resuscitate him and after a minute or two I finally said "is he okay?" and no one said anything. Long story short - he started breathing but not well enough, so they took him to the warmer to get oxygen and called NICU doctors. After 45 mins I was able to hold him for about 30 seconds before they took him to spend his first night in the NICU. It was super disappointing for me to not get that initial skin to skin and of course it was scary, too. We were able to visit him in the NICU 3 hours of after he was born and I was able to hold/breastfeed him. He spent his first night being monitored in the NICU and thankfully he was fine and able to come to our room the next morning. Alls well that ends well. We are so happy and in love with our sweet little boy.

On a side note I'm so happy I was able to skip the epidural - I didn't tear at all and I physically I felt really good almost immediately after birth.


Re: Harrison James Smith - delayed birth post

  • Scary! I'm so glad everything turned out okay! He's so cute!
  • Congratulations!  He is perfect.  I'm sorry that you had to go through that with your OB.   :(
  • Congrats! What an awful dr though, hope you get a survey to rip him apart :)
  • Congrats!! But... What an a hole. I am so glad your baby is okay. Those minutes spent arguing over position could have been useful for the baby instead of doctors ego. 
  • Congrats! He's beautiful! Sorry for your trying experience:(
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  • I'm glad it all turned out well in the end, he is beautiful! 
  • Congrats! So glad things turned out well in the end and you are both doing good now, he's beautiful
  • He's adorable! I hate you had such a crummy OB.

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  • Congratulations! I'm sorry you had to deal with a crappy OB but glad everyone is healthy! 

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