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GTKY: weirdest pregnancy dream you've had?

I don't know about y'all, but I've had some really bonkers dreams this pregnancy! I'd be game for hearing some of your whoppers.

Here's mine. I'm driving a motorcycle and I break into someone's condo. When I get there the only thing I want to steal is the squatty potty. The person who lives there catches me, so I say "don't you remember bringing me home from the bar last night?" Side note, it was a woman. 

I've had 3 dreams so far featuring the squatty potty, and dreamt I gave birth to a cat. 

Re: GTKY: weirdest pregnancy dream you've had?

  • I had a dream I was in labor and there were people in my room taking pictures. I had no idea who they were and kept asking them to leave. They refused, saying they wanted pictures to put on Facebook. The whole dream was weird but that took the cake and makes me laugh when I think of it. 

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  • MrsKubley said:
    I dreamt Aaron Rodgers was hitting on me. But weirdly, like just staring at me really close -nose to nose. 
    I had a similar one but it was JJ Watt! 
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  • @khochanadel can't blame you for stealing a squatty potty, they are great. Although in our house, we call it the Sitty Shitty ;)

    @saladflambe what the heck is with the lesbian sex dreams?! I had one that I was watching all the Victoria's Secret models have sex with each other. I have never in my life been attracted to women, and definitely have no interest in watching them have sex with each other. Especially smokin' hot ones when I feel like a decaying beached whale. 
  • I keep on dreaming that I am shouting at my younger sister! Since I got pregnant - it's always been more or less the same dream: she does something that annoys me and I shout and shout at her. We get along perfectly fine so I don't understand where this is coming from?
  • DH is a huge fan of a specific NHL team. I had a dream early in this pregnancy where he played for the team part time (why not keep his day job, you know?!), and somehow, when my baby was born, some people from the team made sure I was knocked out and stole my baby. I got out of the hospital with no husband or baby, and just went to the arena really confused and wanting my baby back...
  • I had one last night where baby was here, but she already aged to like 3 years old within a few days of being born. Not incredibly weird on a scale of my weirdest dreams, but it was kinda weird to see how my mind thinks our daughter is going to look in a few years.
  • I recently had a dream where I was this super secret undercover agent investigating a mystery, and Nathan Fillion was my agency handler/contact/whatever and we were both secretly in love with each other but neither of us knew it/would admit to it. In my dream we were about to go on a mission and I was in a black catsuit with my long blond hair flowing (I'm actually brunette?) and Fillion was looking very Mal Reynolds-ish, minus the duster. Just before we were about to hop into his single-engine plane and fly off to God knows where, DH came in and woke me up. I've never been more annoyed to get out of bed than I was at that moment. 

    I've gotta stop watching TV before bed. 

    I've also had a couple of nightmares about giving birth to a toddler who refused to breastfeed. They were weird and creepy and the worst pregnancy nightmares I've had so far, outside of a few recurrent ones in the first trimester involving snakes. 
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  • I've had at least five dreams since being pregnant about being friends with the kardashian/Jenner clan. Every one of the dreams is I'm like a part of their family, went to Paris with them, award show with them, ATVing. While I do admit their show is my guilty pleasure it's been very strange having them all pop up in my dreams. 
  • I was on trazadone for the first few months of my pregnancy and that medicine alone causes really vivid and disturbing dreams. I haven't had any scary dreams since stopping the medication, but I did actually have one the other night and I still get chills thinking about it. It seemed so real. I dreamt that my mom went missing for a weekend and she comes back on Monday and I ask where she was, and she said she had drank an entire bottle of bleach in attempt to kill herself so she was in the mental hospital, and I was so so mad at her, I looked at her and told her if she ever does anything to hurt my baby that I will never forgive her, and she looks at me and says "but Colton (my baby's name) wants to go to heaven with Grammie"

    this is is the second dream I've had now that someone has said the words "Colton wants to go to heaven" so it's definitely freaking me out for sure. 
  • I've had a ton of weird dreams, but I can't remember most of them right now. One of them involved DD walking out the front door by herself and I was at the top of the stairs yelling at her not to go but she wasn't listening. So I started yelling at DH to help me and to stop her.

    My problem this pregnancy is that I've been dreaming out loud. So when I was yelling at DD and DH in my dream, I was actually yelling at them in real life. I do that at least a couple times a week. I'll actually get out of bed sometimes too. DH is getting really annoyed since he has to wake me up and bring me back to reality before he can go back to sleep.

  • Oh I just remembered another one! I had a dream recently that I was nursing my newborn son (I'm expecting a girl, but ok...) for the first time and he bit my nipple right off. At first I was annoyed but then it grew right back!

    @allisonmunson94 that is definitely creepy! I tend to have a hard time not reading too much into dreams, especially repetitive dreams, but then I look at some of the repetitive dreams I have and realize it is just my crazy brain. It probably just disturbed you the first time you dreamt it enough to be in your subconscious mind and pop back up in another dream! :smile: 

  • Omg so many horrible dreams......that my mom was in labor with my baby sister (I am the baby of the family and no sisters) and I had to deliver her, while I myself am in labor. and the baby came out face first with a mouth full of sharp teeth and then it was my turn to give birth and my baby fell out of me on the floor. It was so graphic, seeing my mom's lady bits, thanks! Another one was like scenes from the most gruesome horror movie you can think of.....murder...think all-out slaughter, cannibalism, weird sex stuff, just so graphic!!! 
  • @khochanadel ; My last pregnancy, I kept having dreams that I gave birth to a cat too!! lol

    My dreams aren't weird...they are scary! I've had so many terrorist dreams. Like terrorists outside our house, coming to kill us. I wake up terrified and can't sleep! (They definitely started when Homeland was still on...but they won't go away)

  • I have had so many weird dreams that it isn't funny.  One that stands out to me though that is I still remember is that it was fall break at the university I attended (mind you it's been over a decade since I have attended that school) and I needed to get back to the dorm so I could go to classes the next day.  I was in a panic; I was worried I would not get back in time.  So instead of driving a car back to campus, I was riding the back of a horse.  So far not to strange right?  Welllllll the horse had a cd player radio built into its neck......    That is one of the more mild ones.  The ones I have had lately are so strange and make little to no sense to the point that I can't really pick up the story line.   Like the one last night I dreamed I was in kindergarten.  Like I was in a five year old body and in a kindergarten class, only I had the mind that I do now; I guess it was like my brain was in a younger body or something.  And for some reason we were on a field trip and the gift shop sold sex toys so there I was in a five year old body, buying sex toys at a gift shop and trying to hid them from the teacher so I would not get in trouble.  Like WTF.

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  • I just woke up from a dream where LO had a toy box in there and she kept pulling things out that were bigger than her and the toy box. I'd yell at her to put those things away because she's too small and shouldn't be messing with it yet. Plus there was no room for her to have all these things out and it was hurting me. Every time she'd pull something out of the box I'd have a sharp pain of my body stretching to accommodate but then she wouldn't play with anything because she was too young and didn't know how. I tried to tell her how to put things back but she wouldn't listen. And although I could see in I couldn't reach in and put things away myself. 
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  • I had my weirdest dream to date last night! I dreamed that my least favorite presidential candidate won the election and set up internment camps. He had all citizens questioned, and I was placed in one of the waiting rooms with other questionables because I was born in a different country (military family). The others were there because they had questioned the president publically at some point.  My puppy was also in question and I was terrified that I'd lose him.

    The guard on duty had this laser gun thing that he would point at a board and it would change color when he fired it. When bored, he'd use it to tell us who was going to live/be killed (somehow it was smart enough that the laser's color would refect our status- green for okay, red for no- it wasn't random).  The pup and I were the only ones to be chonsen to remain alive.

    Also, Downton Abbey was playing on the tv in the background, which was really random.
  • I had one where my kid was born 19 years old and already in college. He was doing well! 

    The strangest is one where I randomly have birth to a baby at 28 weeks but was only like 15 weeks in size....But he was fine and breathing and my doctor didn't even want me to go to the hospital. Aaaaand I dropped him by my nightstand. He was fine though. It was super odd.
  • @Kurrant I also had a dream that my baby was little. He was the same size as my phone so I would just carry him around in my phone cover. But on the plus side, giving birth was super easy in this dream. 
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    This thread is hilarious! I'm glad my office door was closed when I started reading it because I was laughing so hard!

    I had a dream the other night that I woke up and had these shriveled wing-like appendages sticking out of each side of my belly. They kind of looked like dried and crusty frog legs and were attached just under the surface of my skin. I freaked out and pulled them off. Then, when I delivered my baby he was born without any arms or legs - just 4 little nubs. The doctor told me it was because I pulled off his limbs, and I started crying, not because he didn't have his limbs but because I did that to him. Then I woke up.

    Edited because apparently I can't spell this morning.
  • @khochanadel ... OMG! I just dreamt the other night that I gave birth to a cat!!!! I dreamt that I was 28 weeks, which I am, and that I went into labor. My husband told me I was being dramatic and exaggerating and I had to convince him to go to the doctor's office (not the hospital!) with me. We went and in the middle of the office I gave birth to my cat Charley LOL. Within the dream there was also a scene where I looked at my stomach and I could like see the outline of the baby's face under my skin - totally creepy and it did NOT look like a cat!! 

    I have a recurring dream where I forget to breastfeed for the first like 4 days... and all of a sudden I think S#@!, I haven't breastfed yet! I am definitely anxious about breastfeeding and it's so obvious in my dreams! I have also dreamt that my husband and I went to a party and left the baby sitting on a table by himself! 

    My favorite is probably the dream where we were bringing him home from the hospital, and he looked at my husband and I and said "MAMA! DADA!" hahahaha!! 
  • I had a dream the other night where I was a viking in a comic book store that was actually the bottom floor of a multi-floored castle with a drawbridge and I had to get as many of the patrons out of that floor before the whitewalkers came and destroyed them. I was very tall and I had a sword, and the whitewalkers were all teeny little children dressed in parkas. :neutral: 
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    Lately I've been having dreams where DH is being a tease but he won't put it in.  I wake up very frustrated.

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  • I had a dream that I had my baby and was home. My ex, from college, showed up and told me I was not fit to take care of this baby. He ripped her out of my arms and proceeded to leave! I chased him outside and he was holding my dog, Bender, but bender was also my baby?! I was crying and he pushed me as he got into MY vehicle to leave. I woke up crying from this dream. But how ridiculous?!
  •'s 4 in the morning and had the most terrible dream.

    I was apparently having an affair with an Asian janitor at work who was just murdered and the baby might be his, not my husband's!

    There is no way this could be true but I'm feeling so guilty!  The dream was so real!
  • I'm getting tired of the "people being possessed by demons" dreams.  I mean, really, I'm getting too cumbersome to be waking up gasping and half flying out of bed.  

    Although the dream about breastfeeding a kitten was a wee bit odd.
  • In second trimester I had a dream that they had to take the baby out of me to take ultrasound pictures then they put him back in!  :#

    Now in third trimester, I keep having dreams about DH finding other women hot or cheating on me, specifically one dream, the girl's name was Natalie. It's so funny because we don't even know a Natalie personally. I wake up insanely pissed off from those dreams and huff and puff. 
  • The other night I had a dream that I gave birth to my son ( I'm expecting a girl) and his umbilical cord was attached to his hip. After they cut the cord and I had to clean/care of the stump was the size of his entire hip. 
  • I just had a nightmare that my water broke early. Woke up, was soaking wet, freaked out. Stumbled over to the bathroom because I'm still half out of it, woke up the rest of the way as soon as the light came on, and realized that it was just the pregnancy night sweats that a lot of you have talked about. Thanks, third trimester!
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  • I'm late to this thread but I had a good one the other night! I dreamt that John Goodman stole my cellphone. Then he kept popping up in other dreams with the alarm going off on my phone telling me not to forget I had an orthodontist appointment. 
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