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Hard day/baby fever...

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Ok, this is just a vent/moment to breathe. I just found out our friends who got married just a few weeks before us are expecting their first child in October. This comes right around the same time where 1) my best friend just gave birth a week ago to her first child, 2) my cousin just had his first child yesterday, 3) my good friend from college is expecting her first child in June, 4) multiple friends on Facebook are posting about their pregnancy/birth announcements, and 5) two employees I manage just informed me this week they are pregnant. I am genuinely happy for all of them, but gosh it does not make waiting any easier.

While I know we are choosing to wait to TTC until next year and it is our decision, it does not make it any easier when I have baby fever and it feels like everyone around us is having a kid. I guess it is that time of life since we are in our late 20's that this is very common, but I was just not prepared for the emotional roller coaster of feelings. 

I keep reminding myself that we have a plan and we know it's right for us to wait. Sometimes that helps, but sometimes it just makes it more frustrating. We have always done things on our own schedule and when we are ready, so we know we won't just do something because others are doing. We are trying to approach TTC and parenting in a prepared and logical manner...but why are emotions and hormones so dang irrational?!?!?

Anyone else feeling like the struggle is particularly difficult right now?

Re: Hard day/baby fever...

  • I'm feeling similar. We have decided to wait until this summer to start trying and it is really hard, especially since who knows how long it will take. I keep seeing people on fb announcing pregnancies and births and people at work are pregnant. Since we got married in October people keep asking if we're going to buy a house or have kids soon and it's hard to keep saying we are waiting to be more financially stable. I know this means we'll be better set up in the future but sometimes it almost feels like we are punished for doing the right thing. I have to keep reminding myself it will be worth it in the end. Maybe it's just the end of winter but it's pretty hard to remember that recently. 
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  • @marriedhamstermom

    I agree, it feels frustrating to try to do the "responsible thing" of waiting until certain goals are met. I get even more frustrated when people say, "there is never a perfect time" or "if you wait until you are financially ready, you will never have a child." I think both of those are crap comments. We aren't waiting until everything is perfect, but there are better and worse times. We have certain financial goals and are working toward them. Ugh, you are right, in the end it is better...but waiting is still hard!
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  • I think a huge part of the problem is that, now that you know you're going to TTC in the near future, you're actually noticing the pregnancies and births more than you would have otherwise - or at least paying more attention to them.
    Once we started talking about TTC, it seemed like everywhere I turned someone I knew was pregnant or having just given birth. The thing being, it wasn't any "more" people than previously - it was just that I was actually taking more notice because I /wanted/ that.

    In a similar situation - when I bought my first car of my own, it seemed like every time I left the house someone else had that car. However - it's not because they bought the car at the same time as me, but because I had one, so now I was noticing other people had one as well. Do you get what I'm saying?

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  • izza2: I do agree that part of it is noticing it more. But given many of my friends are in their late 20's, I do think more are actually having children. Of my immediate circle (about 15 couples), only one had a child 2 years ago. By the end of this year, 12 couples will have had a child. So there is definitely an uptick in babies being born and me paying attention.
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