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How's your sex life?

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I'm curious if yall are back to your normal sex life. If you are, feel free to comment when you got back to normal.

How's your sex life? 93 votes

It's bad: less frequent than before and still not as good as pre baby.
34% 32 votes
It's less frequent than before the baby, but just as good.
47% 44 votes
It's back to normal--same as before
7% 7 votes
It's more frequent than before baby but just as good
3% 3 votes
It's more frequent and better than before
7% 7 votes

Re: How's your sex life?

  • We started back 5 weeks post baby. It didn't get "normal" until 7 weeks post baby. Now we are doing great! 
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  • Almost non existent lol
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  • Definitely less frequent but really incredible when we do find the time. 
  • I need to change my vote. Now that we are KTFU again it's definitely less than before. Still super wonderful/powerful, but H is going to be in for a long dry spell.

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