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Conor Mark is here

my water broke just after midnight on Wednesday night (technically Thursday since it was 12:05ish) and called the after hours line. They told me to get rest and call back if contractions were 5 minutes apart. The Contractions never came, and at 630 AM the on call dr. Called me and told me to come in to labor and delivery for monitoring. We did the non stress test for an hour and then talked options. I didn't want to be induced but didn't want to not be induced if that's where I was heading 12 hours later anyway if labor didn't start since my water had broke so long ago. So I went for it. They gave me a tiny pill (I forget what it's called but it essentially just ripens the cervix starting contractions) at 11:30 AM and contractions came on strong an hour later. I was having trouble coping. Did the exercise ball, walked the halls, and then got in the tub where I saw some blood. So the. They finally around 2 pm decided to check me and I was 7 cm! So they brought on the epidural and by 2:45 I was feeling 100% better. I took a nap! By 5Pm I was 8 cm, and by 8PM I was pushing. I didn't feel any pain. Nothing. 45 minutes later he was here. Beautiful at 7lbs even, 20.5" long with a great cry right out of the gate. He's eating like a champ and is the sweetest boy. We are so in love...

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  • Congrats! 
  • Congrats!
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  • What a cutie!!! Congrats!
  • Congrats!
  • He's adorable! Congrats!
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