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1 month postpartum and still bleeding, but I think I just got my period on top of that.

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Super odd. We were just getting down to the end I think, and I started noticing my typical symptoms (cramps, tingly legs) and sure enough it's back to heavy. 
When did your pp bleeding stop? And when did your period resume? 

I feel like I've been bleeding forever. 
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Re: 1 month postpartum and still bleeding, but I think I just got my period on top of that.

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    My bleeding stopped around week 3. Now I have some discharge but no signs of my period. I'm 5 weeks PP and don't breast feed. I'm curious as to when the first period is supposed to come as well. 
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    It took until 5 weeks pp to stop bleeding completely.  I just stopped wearing a pad about 3 days ago. I'll be 6 weeks pp tomorrow. 
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    I had my period at 5 weeks..2 days after pp bleeding stopped...
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    My bleeding stopped at 4 weeks and now at 7 weeks I don't have my period yet.
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    Mine stopped just about 4 weeks now I'll be 6 weeks pp on Sunday and I've gotten my period I'm pretty sure. Because I didn't have to wear a pad for a week which was beautiful! Now I have to, but I'm not gunna lie. I've been wearing tampons. I had a csection though so i don't have to worry about extra healing down there 
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    Mine seemed to stop around three weeks then came back (I thought it may be my period) around week 4 and I also had the cramping and extra moodiness... But then between weeks 6 and 7 I started lightly bleeding for like 3 days and now nothing other than a very light discharge. I'm EBF and have no idea if I had my period week 4 or 6 or not at all yet!
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