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Possible signs of labor?

Hey all! Considering I'm 40+6 with an induction Tuesday, I could be grasping at straws but I wanna hear what you all think.

As of now, I haven't had any contractions I would call painful at all, and nothing has been even vaguely consistent. Although there is a good chance baby could be "sunny side up" because my placenta is anterior. I'd heard that this is totally fine, but that in labor it would increase the "back labor" verses just pains from contractions. It's never been confirmed or denied about baby's positioning, so don't know for sure. Although, yesterday I did the last of my cleaning and organizing then towards the end of the day was in increasing pain. Around 6 it started on my left side in my back as if I could have pulled something while cleaning so I didn't think much of it. By 9 it was a dull but powerful ache covering my mid-lower back and down through my hips to the outsides of my thighs. Once I got to bed at 11 my hips were hurting so bad I was halfway wincing while trying to roll and adjust to get comfortable. I finally fell asleep. Now at almost 4am I woke up having to pee. I can't tell what's going on with the pain. It's still there for sure, but I can't tell if I'm getting used to it or if it's eased up a little since I've been asleep. Definitely doesn't feel like I pulled something anymore... Something is up. Any advice or input? I need it! 


Re: Possible signs of labor?

  • Sounds to me like you might have just overdone it. I had back pain with every contraction, and after each contraction was over it went away until the next one. I would definitely recommend contacting your doctor if you're concerned/ still in pain. 
  • ^wss.  I get like that when I over do it. Back labour feels totally different, and it goes away after each contraction. 
  • My lower back started hurting really bad yesterday. I was hopeful, but nope, just a sore back. Waiting it out will always give you your answer. If it's not labor, it will get better. If it is, contractions will get worse. 



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  • My lower back has a pain that starts there but wraps around to my hips and it comes and goes. Are these signs of labor orrrr?
  • I second what PPs have said... Let the back pain be for a few hours- if it is true contractions and labor it will no doubt get worse to the point you will have no doubt. I had back and hip aches a few days before going into labor, but the contractions in my back were a new feeling entirely.
  • Maybe... maybe not. Try not to read into symptoms too much because you will just make yourself crazy. Good news is you will at least have baby by Tuesday! Hopefully something happens on it's own before then.

    Also, who told you having an anterior placenta means there's a good chance baby will be sunny side up? Two of my three pregnancies I've had an anterior placenta. Never have I heard that not have I had a face up baby.

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