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Baby sleeping - us not so much..

So... after finally delivering our baby this past sunday we were sent home on monday; and we are officialy in freak out mode. 
We haven't slept since then or take turns at night to make sure we can stare at baby and keep him alive, and all of this comes from our "not-so-irratinal-fear" of SIDS. 
Any idea what we can do in order to deal in a better way with it?. We swaddled him and put him to bed with a soothie pacifier.. what else can we do to make sure he's always safe at bedtime and try to get some sleep? 

Any advice and/or words of wisdom are greatly appreciated :smile: 

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  • First of all, congrats on baby!(: I'm scheduled for an induction in just a few hours, so no babe yet. However, SIDS has been something I have worried about as well. My husband and I purchased an owelet. It's a device that is actually just a sock you put in babies foot & it monitors their oxygen levels and heartbeat. There is an app for it and also a little base that you keep on your nightstand that will go off if anything is too high/low. You should google it if this sounds appealing to you, lots of good reviews and I think will be well worth the money! 

    nothing is 100% accurate of course, but I'm hoping this will give my husband and I some peace of mind so we can get some sleep!(:
    good luck!!
  • Congratulations!! Being worried is a good thing!!! You're doing exactly what you need to keep baby safe! The owlet is a very good idea if you're looking for extra peace of mind. Just remember that you need to keep your sanity, so be sure to get at least a little rest. 
  • I was the exact same way with my first. I have anxiety/OCD so trying to be able to control what goes on around me can be debilitating at times. I made myself sick with worry and ended up back on meds to help. Somehow I ended up realizing whatever is going to happen is going to happen regardless of how much I worry. We can do our part to put them on their back, no blankets etc but beyond that it's out of our control. Somehow, it's given me peace of mind. I hope you can get peace of mind and rest. 
  • I was like this the first few nights with LO. All you can do is take preventive measures to make sure baby is in a safe sleep environment (back to sleep, no loose bedding or blankets etc) and try to relax. We're a month in and I still wake up to check that DD is breathing, I think as a new mama you will always worry about everything but many things are beyond your control and accepting that is a big thing. My best advice is just to try not to stress about everything that could go wrong and just try and be present in the moment, that's been helping me. I know it's easier said than done and you will certainly still stress out and feel anxious but the more you focus on being in the moment and banishing negative thoughts the easier it becomes to relax and enjoy baby. Wishing you peace of mind and rest. 
  • My LO is two weeks today. We stare at the monitor all night even though we said we would never do that. I'm going to buy a snuza hero today. I need sleep!! 
  • Like others have said, get some kind of monitor so you can get some sleep. I do remember waking up in the middle of the night and staring at her to make sure she was breathing. I still do that sometimes, even at 2.5 ;) 



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