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Prodomal labor "false labor"

Hi ladies,

This is only my second time posting, but I guess I just need something to help me feel better.
I am 39 weeks 4 days, so not over 40 yet, but my body has been showing all the signs that labor is very near, yet nothing has happened. At my Dr. appt. yesterday my doctor said I was 4cm, 90% effaced, baby is head down at -2 station. (I have been progressing by a cm every week I go in). He thought he would have seen me this past weekend, but I guess not. On top of this, I have been having irregular contractions for the past two days. They intensify at night but slow down and are gone by morning. 

I guess I am feel in discouraged at this point. All this progress, but still not really in labor? I've read that this could last for weeks! 

Any other ladies experience this or have any words of advice?

Thanks! And a big congrats to all those that have had their little ones already!

Re: Prodomal labor "false labor"

  • Yes... Driving me nuts. At 37.5 I was 3cm 70% and all week have been having this prodromal labor. Here is my response from my doula: "All contractions do something it's just that sometimes early labor lasts a long time. Whatever it is it's not false because they're toning or opening"
  • This was totally me about a month ago. Every few nights I would get terrible contractions and twice almost went to the hospital for them. Then I would try to lay down to rest and of fall asleep and they were gone. I walked around for two weeks dilated to five cm before delivering DS2 at 38 weeks. When it's the real thing my contractions got extremely intense and woke me up in the middle of the night. They got close together really quick and my labor was 3.5 hours from the first contraction to when he was born. They are right that all these contractions you are having aren't useless. Your body just hasn't gotten to the point of going into full blown labor yet. 
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  • I had this, and I know how much it (bluntly) sucks! Hang in there and know that even though it doesn't mean impending labor, you're still so close!!! Soon enough!
  • I'm right there with you!! Thought for sure I was starting labor at 4am this morning. Same thing last week.. So annoying and I'm trying to convince myself that I need to ignore them until I can't ignore them anymore due to their intensity. That way I don't get my hopes up (easier said than done)- we can do this!!!
  • If it helps, I am 40 weeks today, only 1 cm dilated, and not in the negative station at all.  Just saying, your ahead of the curve in my mind!
  • I'm so sorry. I had prodromal labor for a week before my water broke. It was awful and so frustrating. Hang in there. Hopefully your body is just doing some of the work early on to make for an easier labor and delivery. 
  • 40+3 and prodromal labor on & off all week.  What a roller coaster! I just want to meet this little girl...
  • Check up today: my "false" labor moved me from 3cm 70% to 4 cm 85%. I think it is working. Praying for real labor this weekend!!
  • Yeah it's annoying! I never had contractions with my first two. My water broke 5 days early with both and it took me awhile to have any contractions. This time I had them for a month and was even a week overdue. My water never broke BUT when I had real contractions I could tell they were different right away and I was only in labor 2 hours! I think the false contractions prepared my body better.

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