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Newbie and question about travel with APS

Hi ladies! A quick intro, my husband and I just got a BFP last week after our second IVF and after 5+ years of trying. We have a son through surrogacy and are thrilled to be expecting! I have Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, which makes me high risk. We'll also find out next week if one or both of the embryos that we transferred stuck. My question is in regard to travel. I am supposed to be flying to Ireland in April and even though there is no statistical increase in miscarriage because of air travel, I'm still nervous about the risk of blood clots, especially since I already have a blog clotting disorder. I'm not far enough along to be seeing a perinatologist. I'm going to ask my clinic about it, but I have to get tickets for the trip this weekend if I'm going to go do the timeline is a little tight. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this. Thanks!
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