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Introducing Ava Mary Raab

Our sweet, stubborn girl was induced on 2/21 at 40 weeks and 6 days. 

We went in at 4pm on 2/20 and was given Cervidil to dilate the cervix. On 2/21 at 7:30 am had only dilated to 2cm and pitocin was started. Around 9:45 got an epidural and had dilated to 4cm. Doctors decided to use Foley catheter balloons to speed up dilation. By 5:30 balloons were out and had dilated to 8cm. Epidural wore off by 6pm and received additional medicine. Around 6:45pm, I became uncontrollably shaky and had the chills. Projectile vommited and we were in full blown labor from there. Started pushing around 7:15, baby was sunny side up but was able to get her turned during the pushing. She did
swallow meconium, so NICU team was in the delivery room. After almost two hours of intense pushing, she was out at 9:40pm. NICU cleaned her immediately, so unfortunately daddy didn't get to cut the cord. I did get very brief skin to skin, but then we heard her cry! We've been in love ever since. She is healthy and extremely fussy, but we are so in love. 

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