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Confused by the new obgyn

I'm hoping this makes sense! ... So my RE had my due date based on my positive ovulation but my new obgyn has it based on my lmp, which I told her are irregular. She moved me to October 1st and also said the baby was measuring at 7 weeks 5 days (I saw her at 7 weeks 6 days according to my RE.) When she moved my due date, it put me to 8 weeks, 3 days and the baby was then measuring 5 days behind. The baby also measured the same as Friday at my last RE appt but the tech said that can be the machines because they are so different from office to office. Has anyone has this before? Because the heartbeat was strong at 154 so now I'm really confused but they weren't concerned. I know I should be if they weren't but I don't know lol 
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Re: Confused by the new obgyn

  • I wouldn't be concerned about your baby's growth. I think it's standard practice for OBs to operate by date of LMP until a dating scan. Did you have medical records to give your new OB from your RE that stated your conception and due date? Maybe those will help get your OB to consider yours differently. I would also ask your OB if there is a dating scan you can have if she won't change it and to let you know if there would be any future issues with tests if the due date is inaccurate.
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  • Yes.  I had to correct mine many times yesterday as they had the GA as 10W2D based on my LMP... but I was like, Hello?!?  Remember I had IVF and my lmp was fake... My EDD is 10/2 and my GA is 8W1D.  They finally changed it on all their paperwork.  It had me peeved.
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  • Yeah, they don't get that. For me, the difference is only two days, but I tell people I have 2 EDD (May 3 or 5). At my NT scan, I was told baby was measuring about 5 days more than the May 5 no big surprise, they just don't change it. My family doctor told me to be ready end of April. I wouldn't worry about a difference of a few days at this point, especially when you have a nice and strong heartbeat!
  • Forgive the question because I'm on mobile so can't see siggys. When did you do your fertility treatment? My RE basically used that date and added two weeks to figure out GA. Which is pretty common in RE world since we can't count on LMP when doing fertility treatments. 

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  • The dr actually had me wait to start and took me off the clomid and put me on Metformin and I got pregnant from the Metformin but the confirmed ovulation was January 12th
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  • I had 2 EDDs with my first and 4, yes 4, with this one between RE, MFM and OB. They finally averaged the early ultrasounds and picked one date. The only time that can be an issue is if you have your baby early like I did. The 4 days difference changed protocols, meds and all kinds of other things I never would have thought of with only a 4 day difference. If you do go early, give them the latest due date you had. 
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    Thanks! I will definitely talk to the doctor my next appt in March at the 12 week appointment!

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