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Baby Cesar Josiah birth story

I went for my weekly check up on feb 5 and i got my blood pressure and urine checked. Doctor noticed my blood pressure was high and i had 3+ protein in my urine so she send me to labor and delivery. I got to the hospital got checked again and was told i would be staying in the hospital. I would get induce and havey baby soon. I was 38werks and 5 days pregnant at the time. Putting an iv in my hand was hard took about 2hrs and 5 nurses. I finally got the iv in and it was about 9pm and i got induce. I was already having contractions and was 3cm dilated. My water broke around 3am on saturday feb 6 and i got an epidural at 5am when the contractions got stronger. I started feeling pressure around 6pm and o was 8cm dilated. At 8pm i felt like pushing and i waa feeling a lot of pain due to my epidural wearing off. So i got injected again and i was 10cm ready to push. By now i had been wating 30 hours and i was finally ready to push my baby out. My baby boy switched positions when i was about to start pushing so it made it a lot harder to have a baby. I pushed for 4 hours until he came out. Let me tell you it doesnt matter if you get an epidural you still feel everything. I felt all the pressure and pain of him getting stuck and doctote putting her hands inside of me and baby coming out. I was exhausted i didnt want to push no more because i had been doing that for 4hrs but he finally came out at 2:08am on feb 7. I cried when he came out because it hurt so much to feel his body come out of me and i was exhausted. He was born 6lbs 13oz and 19.69". He is my perfect little prince. Even though it was a long process and i was tired i dint regret having my son.

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  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations!

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  • Congrats!
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