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I know there are many babies who aren't developmentally there yet, but for those who are (6ish weeks +), when did LO treat you to his first social smile? LO will be 7 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday) and we are anxiously waiting for him to smile back at us! He's been showing his dimples more, but usually just for a yawn. He's faked me out several times already lol. I know it  could be a while based on his personality, but I just want to see that beautiful face smile for Mama!
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Re: Social Smile

  • kwentelakwentela member
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    My son started flashing his big beautiful gummy grin right around 7 weeks! Best feeling in the world finally seeing them visibly happy!
  • I got a genuine smile when she was about 6-7 weeks! She's just over 8 weeks now and smiling is her new favorite thing to do! :smiley: 
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  • Gah I'm so jealous!! 
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  • Gah I'm so jealous!! 
    He'll do it when you least expect it ;) probably on the changing table!
  • I'd say DS was around the 6-7 week as well.  Now at almost 10 weeks, we are starting to see that he is holding his smile for longer periods of time and he will smile more intentionally when we do things like tickle his stomach or blow raspberries on his belly. 
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    My LO started around 5 or 6 weeks ... Usually on the changing table and mainly in the morning. She loves when we make faces and stuck out our tongues loll. I'm sure you will be seeing that smile soon!!
  • No social smiles yet...7 weeks on Friday. I can't wait :) she fakes me out too haha
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  • 4 weeks she even smiled at the doctor at her one month check up. The doctor was very surprised. The doctor told me it was a social smile. I was thinking it must be fake outs. She's doing even it more at 5 weeks. Today I was animately reading a book to her and she kept looking at me an smiling. 
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  • LO was looking us in the eye and smiling/responding between 3-4 weeks. I think that's a little early though!
  • Our little one is 4 weeks and started smiling two days ago. Little smiles though and very sporadic. Not consistent but not gas smiles either. It melts my heart
  • I *think* we've had a few social smiles (6.5 weeks) but honestly I'm not 100% sure. My son smiles when he's comfy in addition to gas and pooping so even if no sounds come from the other end I can't tell if he's just happily content vs smiling at me. I'm hoping we will be sure soon!
  • Ds started at 4 weeks. I'm super surprised dd not until 9 weeks!
  • I read online smiles are usually between 6-12 weeks. He has flashes a few at 8 weeks but nothing consistent here yet.
  • We got our first at 5.5 weeks, but they've been few and far between. She  is ultra sensitive to stimuli, so I have to talk softly and consistently for about 10 mins straight to get her relaxed enough to Crack one. They are becoming more common every day! And a few smiles when daddy does funny things like hiccups. 
  • DS and Dd Both at 5 weeks. It will happen soon and you will be so in love! I swear little mans eyes sparkle when he smiles
  • I honestly can't tell, every time he smiles I assume it's gas and I for some reason thought they didn't smile until several months old. I'm going to start paying attention to what's going on when he smiles!
  • Cejiml said:
    DS and Dd Both at 5 weeks. It will happen soon and you will be so in love! I swear little mans eyes sparkle when he smiles
    My son was like that too! Heck, his eyes still sparkle when he smiles. 14 months old and he makes the girls swoon ;) such a little flirt. 
  • My baby always smiles when I give her a big smile of my own with teeth (I read somewhere they like to see teeth). She also smiles a lot when I say poo-poo in a high voice.  It's becoming very consistent at 7+ weeks. 
  • I got a smile last night! He's been all smiles this morning, until I try to take a picture.
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  • I got a few smiles but only in the morning. DS is 4 weeks old.
  • 5 weeks and so many smiles! Too bad mommy isn't quick enough with the camera!
  • @MissMheMhe my baby girl does the same thing! When the pictures start happening she stops the smiles, and as soon as I quit, smiles again. It's hard to capture right now!
  • We got our smiles this morning!!!!! It was wonderful! Can't wait for daddy to get home and get some! 
  • Jamie gave me his first the day before he turned a month, I managed to grab a picture a couple days after, not half as gorgeous as his big beaming smile but it'll be nice to look back on! He smiled at a perfect time, at the end of a rough day, totally made my week. 

  • Started around 5 weeks but wasn't sure they were genuine. They are all the time now at 6 weeks and it's the best! 

  • LO has been smiling since between week 3-4, mostly in the mornings! 
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  • cjd&kcjd&k member
    LO has been smiling for a few weeks, but the last week they have become daily and he will smile when DH and I talk to him. He will be 6 weeks tomorrow. 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    Finally getting pictures!!! The other day day I leaned over the bassinet when we woke up and said good morning and she flashed the biggest smile ever and my heart completely melted!  
  • First smile I was able to get on camera, she's 1 month old today and been smiling for a few days 
  • Our baby started around 6 weeks, just a bit before that. Now he smiles and flirts with everyone! He's just a smiley guy.

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  • Laramie starting giving us big smiles last week when she was 6 weeks. Now it's a lot more frequent. Today I caught a giggle. 
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