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Extra absorbancy for Daycare

So little one has been coming home in her extra outfit every day from daycare because she has peed through the CDs. This dosent happen at home on just MF inserts so I'm sure they're leaving her in them too long.... but any suggestions on stuffing?

I have the MF liners, hemp babies doublers and Indian cotton prefolds that I can stuff with but I can't find the right combo without having a HUGE puffy diaper! 

Re: Extra absorbancy for Daycare

  • Btw - using charlie banana hybrids, bum genius AIO and ALVA baby pockets and AIOS
  • I think MF + hemp is usually about as trim as you can get if you are going to use two inserts. Plus if you overstuff it can affect the fit, which can also contribute to leaks.

    Is asking for more frequent changes out of the question? They may just need to check her one more time during the day. You could ask if there is a consistent time of day when the leak is happening ... maybe it's something related to a routine .... is it happening after a meal or during a nap, or what. 
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  • Other things to check are if it's happening with the same diaper/brand/style of diaper and where it's leaking.  Also, could the leaks be happening when a sub is putting the diapers on - like during the regular person's lunch break?

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  • LIke PPs, I would look into when the leaks are happening and how they are putting on the diapers. Generally daycares have to change babies every 2 hours for licensing. You said that you aren't having leak issues at home, are you changing more frequently? If not, and you are using the same diapers at home that you send to daycare, it is probably human error and not diaper error. 

    That being said, if you are EBF at home, and send bottles to daycare, it might be that baby is getting more milk in a shorter  time period and you may just want to ask them to change your baby immediatly following the bottle. (This was an issue for us.) 
  • I agree with the idea of looking into leaks. My mom changes baby frequently (she does it at my house) but somehow, the snap for she uses contributes to leaks. 

    If if frequency isn't the issue, maybe you can show them the best snap fit for your baby. 
  • Thanks, y'all! It didn't quite occur to me that maybe it's not the absorbancy but just human error - duh! But the one teacher that is there at the end of the day speaks very little English so it's hard to get the story on the leaks. Thank you for the pointers!

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