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Shower after baby is born?

Is anyone thinking about having their shower after baby is born ? My boyfriends family seems to think it would be best to do it like that. I completely disagree, but I wouldn't want to sound ungrateful!
Any thoughts ?

Re: Shower after baby is born?

  • melm90 said:
    Is anyone thinking about having their shower after baby is born ? My boyfriends family seems to think it would be best to do it like that. I completely disagree, but I wouldn't want to sound ungrateful!
    Any thoughts ?
    Some cultures consider it bad luck to have any kind of baby related celebration before the baby is born.  

    I personally am not a part of a culture that does this, so (unless I knew one of the parents was) I would assume a party after the baby is born to be a "meet the baby" party as opposed to a shower. I would personally bring a gift, but would be put off if a registry were included. 

    Is someone from your boyfriends family offering to host a shower/meet the baby party for you? If so as they are hosting I would respect their, preference for it to be post baby, especially if the reasoning is cultural. If someone else were to offer to host a shower before the baby is born,  you could certainly accept.  Just avoid overlapping guest lists.
  • No one has officially offered to do it, they have just been talking about it ever since we told them about the baby. They aren't religious what so ever, but their point was so everyone could see the baby. So exactly what you mentioned, a meet the baby party. I did mention that most showers I had been to were before the baby was born and they seemed to think that was some how wrong and would be "boring" Thanks a lot for you input :) 
    The last thing I want to do is offend anyone or sound ungrateful; I will go ahead and respect the decision of whatever ends up happening.
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  • Showers after the baby is born are most common in my area. I have only been to one shower before the baby was born. 

    I I am not of a culture that considers it bad luck. However, my sister asked if I wanted mine before or after. I told her after, because if the worst happened, I wouldn't be able to go home to a house full of baby stuff. The only reason we even put the crib together a month before DS was born was because my mother had me two months early and my brother a month early.
  • The baby showers I have been to, have always been before baby is born. I have been to a few Meet The Baby parties, and I usually bring a small gift (or gift card), but no registries are mentioned and no gifts are opened. It is mostly just food, drinks, pass around the baby, and visit with everyone. I have been to one shower that was after baby was born, and that was for a Team Green it was held a few weeks after baby was born, and we all knew the sex.

    I think that it really depends on what you are comfortable with. And really, they may be mentioning it, but unless someone steps up and offers to host, in the end it wont matter because it wont happen. We were Team Green with our first, and I was asked if I wanted it before or after - I went with before. My reasoning was DD was born during cold and flu season, and a lot of family members lack common sense when it comes to staying away from others when they are sick (either coming down with an illness, in the middle of it, or on the end of it). Its like they don't want to miss out on anything, so they would rather come sick and risk it, than miss out. I didn't want to deal with that, with a newborn. 
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  • This sounds like it could be a fun idea. You should ultimately do what you prefer, but I do see how having it after the baby is born would be fun too!

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  • Personally I would prefer doing it while pregnant if possible. I was a wreck after the baby was home and I was just exhausted. Not to mention sore from breastfeeding and she was feeding what seemed to be every 30 minutes. I also knew I didn't want to BF in public, so that made it hard to attend any sort of party, much less enjoy it.

    I'm sure either would be fine, but before the baby is born just seems easier.
  • I am having a baby shower in March even though DD was born in December. It was offered by my DH's bosses and they all have beautiful mansions to host in but I believe they are having it at their own restaurant. I feel truly blessed. I didn't expect a second shower and was caught by surprise. Now I don't have to leave the baby shower page empty in my baby memory book I have going for DD.

    I don't know what to expect. Im very excited!! 
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