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Still hard to see announcements

My husband says that I'm crazy, but even though I'm almost 12 weeks, it's hard for me to see pregnancy announcements on Facebook- especially the ones where they're on baby #3. We already have an awesome two year old and I'm so thankful for this pregnancy going well, but those 3 losses last year when we were getting ready to announce make it hard. Especially since I want a BIG family. 

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Re: Still hard to see announcements

  • I don't think you are crazy.  Whenever a see an announcement I always do the math to find out how many weeks they are and I'm like what are you doing that's so early.  It is something that I think gets better in time, but is so hard because when we had our losses we were thinking about when to tell people or already told people, and others are braver than us now just blindly saying hey guess what I'm pregnant.
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  • Don't feel bad about it at all. While trying to conceive and after my MMC I  struggled a lot with pregnancy announcements especially when people just seemed so easy going about it. Like "oh look, we blinked and got pregnant and it is so easy!" And agree with PP, I always would calculate the time between the post and the EDD and think Nooooo!! Ahhh to be naïve enough (and brave enough) to post as soon as you got a positive pee stick. Even announcing at 18 weeks with a health a/s made me nervous as crap and I'm 22+ weeks now and I still don't tell every one. 
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  • Don't feel bad. I am the same way when I see an early announcement. I think it's because I'm a little envious they haven't experienced such a heartbreaking loss and don't suffer from PGAL brain. Not that I would wish that on anyone. Never. Of course this is me assuming they haven't experienced a loss before since in my mind most women who have wait longer to announce. I don't know, I just remember with my first pregnancy that I ended up loosing feeling so excited and anxious to announce and then had a mc at 8 weeks and feeling my heart torn into pieces. And then with this pregnancy feeling terrifying the whole first trimester and scared to announce one day. 
  • Totally normal! I've had 3 loss myself and early announcements feel so crazy to me now. I've also found it hard with birth announcement around the same EDD's for my losses. It gets better in time as @bntfroggie said. Creepy internet hugs! 
  • Don't feel bad I'm the exact same way! And I always judge  people (in my head) for announcing too early. Sometimes I think I'm a little envious of these women who seem not to be worried at all about the risk of loss. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being like that. Don't feel bad I think it happens to many of us. ((Hugs))
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  • I feel you. I am 7.5 weeks PGAL and one of my close friends just announced she's pregnant. I'm happy for her but at the same time I'm terrified. If I lose this one too it will be so hard to watch someone so close to me progress. I feel bad because I love friend, but I'm just so scared that it's hard to be happy for her. My husband was so confused when we found out about our friend and I broke down and cried. If all goes well it could be great and my close friend and I could have babies 2 months apart, but I'm scared to think about that yet. Ugh. Hang in there girl. I'm trying to also...
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