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Low amniotic fluid 37 weeks

has any one else had any experience with low fluid ? I'm 37 weeks today and went for a scan due to measurements being behind, the baby is a big baby 7.7 but low fluid, they have booked me in for another scan a week today and they said if it's still low they will induce. Any one else had this ? 

Re: Low amniotic fluid 37 weeks

  • I had fluid on the low end at my 32 week scan, but it went up by 35. I read a lot about it during that time and basically, it isn't anything to worry about but it is great that your providers are watching it. It is very common to be induced due to low fluid as it can lead to complications further along, but it also depends on how low the fluid is. 2 cm v 8 cm makes quite a difference. Also, depending on what method is used in evaluating it (the 4 quadrant vs measuring the single largest pocket I think), who is measuring, and the position of the baby, the measurements can vary. And of course, it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion if you want one prior to induction. 

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    My fluid has been low since like 30 weeks. They just keep checking it. Im not a big water drinker, but I started eating ice, and it helped bring the fluid up to acceptable levels.
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