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  • That is a beautiful locket @kns1988 ! I also bought a necklace from etsy, it has a blueberry on it to remind me of my baby (the size at the time) when his/her heart stopped beating. I wear it especially when I know I am going to be in a triggering situation and it really does make me feel stronger. 
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  • I don't have any tattoos, but I find your ideas wonderful and really meaningful. Thank you for sharing these here.

    I love the quarter note rest idea @FiancB it's meaningful and simple.  
    On a side note, the fermata symbol, only works when it's placed on top of a note or rest. It is not a pause "per se" but an indication to extend a note or a rest beyond its normal duration.
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  • @kns1988 and @Spartanrd4 I also went for the memorial jewelry.  I really liked the concept of the memorial tattoos, but I personally wouldn't ever get one because it was engrained in me from a very young age that they are a no no and I can't let that go (some things stick I suppose).  I got a ring for my right hand pointer finger (there's a story in Judaism about how that finger has a vein that leads directly to your hear, not sure about the scientific accuracy, but it's a nice sentiment).  It's a very dainty infinity sign (symbolic to me, of how my loss will always be with me).

    Honestly, it does make me feel stronger and it helped me cope with the grief that there was something to remember my loss by physically.
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  • All of your tattoos and the ideas behind them are beautiful. My husband and I are thinking of getting one as well to memorialize our loss. My husband is a huge Coheed and Cambria fan, and their song "Atlas" brought tears to his eyes the first time he heard it last year because it made him think about us starting a family and made him realize how badly he wanted to have a baby (beautiful song about the lead singer's baby). One lyric, sung to the baby, says "so sleep tight, little Atlas, cause when your daddy goes off just you know that you're the weight of his anchor, the love that is guiding him home.". This song came on my playlist the other day and I nearly lost it, but I got the idea of getting a small anchor somewhere from it. I told him about it and he liked the idea, so we are planning to get them soon.
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  • @kelli241 that is a beautiful tattoo 
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  • It's a white tattoo for our son Owen that I miscarried April 2nd 
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    Long time lurker here and I love the idea of a memorial tattoo. I do not think it is attention seeking at all, I think it is a great way to grieve and express a difficult and very changing time in your life. I have been sitting on my idea for about a month now and I want to get it for multiple reasons. From the start of my pregnancy, even before really, I was a worrier. I will literally make myself sick by worrying about every little things and making sure everything is perfect. While TTC and after find out I was pregnant I was so very careful with everything, even things I didn't need to be extra careful about. Like I said this wasn't new but became heightened during that time. Unfortunately when we found out about the MMC I started to realize that even if you do everything just right it could still not end up how you wanted it to be. While grieving I am also learning to let go of what I cannot change and just focus on what I have and what I can do. I plan to get Let It Be written on my shoulder blade as my memorial tattoo. There was nothing I could of done different to keep my baby with me and there is nothing I can do to stop it happening again. All o can hope for is the best and to let what I cannot control go.
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  • fioripfiorip member
    These are all so beautiful, I've been thinking about a memorial tattoo for my three babies but I want it somewhere private and to be very tiny. Any suggestions? I was thinking 3 tiny tiny hearts 
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  • @AL_TwinCities Love that, and the meaning you put behind it about moving forward. My Mother's statement to me, my entire life has been "forever forward". She has dealt with some horrible things in her life and is able to be so positive and future focused, it's a great reminder for me. 
  • I just had a conversation with MH about getting another tattoo. It wild be to always carry out miracle baby with me and keep her close to my heart.  
    These are the ones that I have been thinking about. 

  • Just saw this article on "Scary Mommy" and thought of this thread...
  • I sent that article to DH and all he could say was Wow. I feel like it finally helped him understand why I got mine and that so many of us feel this way. 
  • Zombie resurrecting this thread 
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  • Thanks @DragonTrollMel for resurrecting! Great stuff in here.... 

    My husband is getting something from Book of Kells that is from the section that has the Beatitudes and says "blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted". this is extra special because this was the Gospel reading at our wedding. 

    I'm still deciding...
    either something with triangles, one for each pregnancy
    or small Aspen Trees

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