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Weekly Ticker Change 2/17


Team Blue/Pink/Green:

What's new with baby?


Any new preparations for baby?



GTKY: Are you planning on getting a "special first meal" after birth and if yes, what? 

Re: Weekly Ticker Change 2/17

  • Weeks/Size: 34w 4d 

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: pink 

    What's new with baby? Recognising songs and urinating more

    Appointments? None this week

    Any new preparations for baby? Got a few hand-me-down clothes from my sister

    Symptoms/Rants/Raves/Cravings: more heartburn, BH, SPD/PGP and just uncomfortable most of the time

    Questions? None 

    GTKY: Are you planning on getting a "special first meal" after birth and if yes, what?
    Realistically I'll end up eating some hospital food, but if I could get my hands on a nice steak and maybe a tiny class of red wine I would be in heaven!
  • Weeks/Size: 34 + 4 // size of a butternut squash

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: BLUE!

    What's new with baby? Baby has dropped and is head down (confirmed by OB). 

    Appointments? Just had one yesterday, we have an LGA scan next week (started on my weekly appts!) to check his size since he's been measuring large for quite awhile now plus I'll be getting the GBS test done.

    Any new preparations for baby? Just got my prescription for my free breast pump (thank you insurance!) and just received my washable breast pads in the mail!

    Symptoms/Rants/Raves/Cravings: Feeling a lot more pressure and pelvic pains. Sleep hasn't been great but doesn't help that I'm just getting over a cold. I'm going back and forth between being excited and sad that he's almost here, being pregnant hasn't been horrible and I'll be a little sad that I won't be feeling him moving around and knowing his safe on the inside but also excited to be able to hold him and kiss his little hands :smile:  I've been craving sushi like crazy but I think that's just because I know I'm so close to being able to have it again lol.


    GTKY: Are you planning on getting a "special first meal" after birth and if yes, what? Depending on the time when he comes, I'll be sending DH down to the Panera right by the hospital to get me some food, but nothing too special or just hospital food. Otherwise, my "special" first meal will be sushi a couple weeks after LO is born!
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  • Weeks/Size: 35 Weeks Size of a coconut

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Blue

    What's new with baby? Not much. Packing on the fat and spending a lot of time hanging around my bladder.

    Appointments? Monday. Weekly now. So I had one 2 days ago and will have one in 4 days. Cervix check at the last one. Not dilated at all.

    Any new preparations for baby? We are finally moved. Couldn't be happier. Just have to get his room set up now.

    Symptoms/Rants/Raves/Cravings: All the food. I get so hungry. I could eat all day (I do eat all day). Baby is all about my ribs too and it really hurts sometimes. Also swelling...swelling without doing anything. I'm going to be living in my compression socks the next few weeks.

    Questions? Anyone else dealing with swelling? How are you dealing? Any remedies I should know about?

    GTKY: Are you planning on getting a "special first meal" after birth and if yes, what? Probably nothing too special right away. I will definitely be going for sushi soon after baby boy is born. I dream about it.
  • Weeks/Size:  37 weeks (and big)

    Team Blue/Pink/Green:  Little Brother Blue

    What's new with baby?  Squirmy wormy but slowing down.  All he can do now really is stretch.

    Appointments?  One today.  I really would rather she not check for dilation.  Everything hurts at this point, and I know labor will happen soon enough.  I don't really care if I've progressed or not right now lol.

    Any new preparations for baby?  DH is still working to finish DS's new room.  LO will then move into the nursery.  I also need to finish cleaning out my upstairs office so we can fit the full bed in there and the pack n play.  Our bed is too tall for me to climb into after labor (I found that out after my first - my hips were terribly flimsy and painful).

    Symptoms/Rants/Raves/Cravings:  Hip pain.  Rolling over in bed sucks, so I don't roll over often enough, which equals massive hip pain.  Going to see if the chiro can see me this afternoon for another quick adjustment.  And of course, the heartburn.  If I eat past 7 o'clock, I throw up in my sleep.

    Questions?  Was everyone aware there is a full moon this weekend?  If not, prepare thyself.  Pack yo bag fool!  :)

    GTKY: Are you planning on getting a "special first meal" after birth and if yes, what?  It'll depend on the quality of the food at the hospital and how quick the labor goes.  My first lasted a long time, but the food at the hospital was really good so I didn't want for much else.  If things happen in the daytime this go around, I may ask my MIL to grab me some sushi from the local place.  She's super about that kind of stuff.

  • Weeks/Size: 36/ Honeydew melon

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Pink

    What's new with baby? Skin is smoothing out, kidneys and liver should be working

    Appointments? Next week begins the weekly appts.

    Any new preparations for baby? Trying to get my hospital bag packed and car seat installed.

    Symptoms/Rants/Raves/Cravings: I'm so lazy, I can't stand it. I've got a ton of things to do but zero energy. I think the insomnia is starting too, the kind triggered by baby hugging by bladder and my inability to quiet my mind. Baby is coming soon! 

    GTKY: Are you planning on getting a "special first meal" after birth and if yes, what? Sure! Last time my ILs grabbed me a burger from down the street, and the nurse couldn't believe I'd eaten most of it before she came back in the room. This round, I'll probably ask for whatever I'm craving, but depending on the time, I may not get it. Our town turns into a pumpkin after 9pm, so I may be limited to hospital food or pancakes if it's too late.
  • Weeks/Size:  38 weeks... stopped tracking after "pumpkin."  I can't even... and he's measuring big!  

    Team Blue

    What's new with baby? Hmm... He's head down and hating the weekly NS tests.  

    Appointments? Weekly with NSTs

    Any new preparations for baby? I bought most of the remaining items we needed.   

    Symptoms/Rants/Raves/Cravings: I'm still kind of in denial that this little guy will be here in like 11 days.  On the advice of my doctor, I am monitoring my own blood pressure a couple times a day.  Craving dairy/cheese/carbs.  

    RAVES:  Ladies, get a mani/pedi if you can... totally amazing.  


    GTKY: Are you planning on getting a "special first meal" after birth and if yes, what? Yes... pho from a really awesome restaurant near the hospital.  Provided I still want it.  
  • Weeks/Size:  37 weeks today. And getting bigger by the day. My ovia app says he's the size of a striped skunk. Nice. 

    Team: Blue (we've confirmed at least three times now thanks to the BPP and growth scans). 

    What's new with baby? He's really gotten into pushing into my ribs and just moving and grooving non-stop these days. I haven't felt hiccups in a few days though. 

    Appointments? Weekly now (and one today). 

    Any new preparations for baby? Finally got my registry finalized. Having a work shower next week so a couple people were interested what I need. This is my second, so I couldn't come up with an answer other than we've made a registry for ourselves you are welcome to browse, otherwise anything is appreciated. 

    Symptoms/Rants/Raves/Cravings: I'm really not craving much of anything. Eating is hard these days and breakfast is the best time since I feel like I can get away with eating more and actually enjoying food for a few hours. Hip pain at night, but I thankfully only wake up once. Unfortunately, it's at 4 am and I have a hard time falling back asleep after.   

    RAVES:  Got the car seat installed and DS1 seat got moved to the passenger side (couldn't do the driver side unfortunately). Also got a pre-natal massage, but I so wish people would stop treating pregnant women so gingerly. I need a massage to actually do something for me and that means it needs to hurt. Otherwise, totally recommend it. Also, saved $100 on baby stuff on Gap yesterday (they had 40% off everything) and bought some other stuff on a fancy UK based site for me and my co-worker who's also having her baby shower next week. It was expensive, but I'm pregnant. Shopping therapy helps :smiley: 


    GTKY: Are you planning on getting a "special first meal" after birth and if yes, what? Yes, I asked for bubbly and sushi from a nice place. 

  • Weeks/Size: 34 weeks 3 days

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Blue

    What's new with baby? More kicking and more kicking

    Appointments? Next Monday. I'll find out if I need a C section since my placenta is somewhat fairly close to my cervix still.

    Any new preparations for baby? Nothing really... I should finish knitting the baby blanket that I started back in November.  I'm about half way there but don't really have much free time between work, toddler and other stuff.

    Symptoms/Rants/Raves/Cravings: Sore back, swelling and just exhausted. Two more weeks and I'll be on mat leave... can't wait!

    GTKY: Are you planning on getting a "special first meal" after birth and if yes, what?  My MIL will probably be cooking my first meal for me and it will most likely be something along the line of ginger fried rice (yike!) and some sort of soup. If you ask me what I REALLY want, I would tell you sushi which I won't be allowed to have for the first month after birth. 
  • Weeks/size: 36 weeks and 2 days

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Pink

    What's new with baby? Lots of moving around

    Appointments? Monday for one of my many non-stress test. I have to have two a week.

    Any new preparations for baby? I have everything done and everything I need for baby girl. Just waiting for her arrival.

    Symptoms/Rants/Raves/Cravings: Having Braxton hick contractions since last week, lower back hurts, restless nights. I have 2weeks and 4 days left until baby comes.

    GTKY: Are you planning on getting a "special first meal" after birth and if yes what?  I have told my husband that I wanted to go to a buffet after we leave the hospital since I have been on a special diet because of the gestational diabetes. Also, I want a coffee from starbucks. I miss my coffee!!!

  • irenewslee why won't you be allowed sushi in the first month?

  • mshukh said:
    irenewslee why won't you be allowed sushi in the first month?
    It's a chinese thing that you are not supposed to intake anything cold.  Technically I'm not supposed to have it throughout pregnancy because it is bad for the uterus (while I'm drinking a glass of ice tea at work :smile: ).  For the first month, I'm supposed to have a special diet to help me recover.  It's mostly food with high collagen and fat content, also a lot of ginger and cooked rice wine.  Soup is a must to help with milk supply.  With DD, I remember I was so hungry the day after delivery but DH wasn't back with my lunch yet.  I drank some milk that the nurse gave me and my MIL made some nasty comments afterward.  

    Back in the days they also don't allow women to take baths for the first month because they worry you will get sick (well... back in the days there is no such thing as indoor shower and heat).  I had to beg for a shower a week after delivery. After the first week, I was only allowed to shower twice a week.  Gosh... it was terrible!
  • @irenewslee wow that sounds incredibly restrictive. Is someone at least going to be cooking all that for you? 

  • @mshukh Yep my MIL is staying for a month with us (not sure if it's a good or bad thing) and she will do the cooking.  She is a good cook but I have never spent so much time with her.  Fingers crossed that I'm not going to snap at her when she makes all these comments.  But if and when it happens, I will blame my hormones. 
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