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Early induction

Any other moms having to induce early or have had to induce early in a past pregnancy? I am currently 35 weeks and the doctor is thinking I will need to be induced within the next 3 weeks if not sooner! I have hypertension and protein in my urine and she has stopped gaining weight...

Just looking for any advice from other moms who have been through this or is currently going through this. My main concern is that she won't ready-as far as her development goes and especially her lungs.

They did give me a round of steroid shots for her lungs, but it does not make it any less frightening... She is only 4lbs 11oz.
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Re: Early induction

  • I am a week off your timeline. I was induced and will always be induced for any babies unless I go into labor before my due date. With my daughter, since I wasn't having issues, I and/or my doctor scheduled my induction at 39 weeks and 5 days. 
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  • I was induced at 36w6d and my son was born at 37 weeks due to pre-e.  He was 5lbs 7oz and was perfectly healthy.  I didn't have any steroid shots for lung development as it was very sudden that I was diagnosed with pre-e.  Good luck to you!
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  • I have had my 4 all early due to having cholestasis in all 4 pregnancies. 3 were induced in the 37th week and my DS2 came on his own in the 37th week. My babies didn't have any complications after deliver, aside from all for having jaundice and my first having some difficulty feeding (which we resolved that with many visits with a lactation nurse). My cousin had an emergency c section at 28 weeks due to severe hypertention. Her baby girl is a thriving preschooler who'll start kindergarten this fall.
    Sometimes they can do more for your baby and you if the baby is delivered than trying to wait it out.

  • My son was born at 33 weeks  due to HELLP syndrome and IUGR - he was under 3rd percentile.  They induced once my Blood pressure was too volatile for pills to regulate and started giving me meds through IV.  I had an emergency cesarian at 33weeks because I also stopped responding to IV meds and my BP was mid 200/ mid 100s.  I had steroid shots for his lungs about a week before he was born at 4.2 (he quickly dropped and stayed in the high 3 pound range for a while) He had a month long stay in the NICU but was overall very healthy.  He's smart, busy, and active almost 3 year old now.

    from my perspective, I agree with the PP above.... My life was at risk keeping him in, which meant his life was at risk.  FX that you can keep her in as long as you both remain healthy.  If she isn't growing, it's generally best to bring her into the world early.  

    It's documented and discussed within the NICU environment that preemie  girls, do better than preemie boys.  It might not be how you expected things to go, but stay positive.  Modern medicine is amazing and FX that there's as little need for medical intervention as possible.
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  • I just posted this under another section, but I have a family member who had two premature births, one a micro-preemie. Both kids are now really big for their ages (!) with no known problems. Hope that at least helps ease your mind a bit.
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  • I was just commenting on another thread about my preemie, so I am sorry if some ladies who commented already heard from me. I had a 29wker in May of 2014 due to my uterine anomaly and am due with #2 in July. I know the thought of an early delivery is scary but hypertension is not good for you or the baby. You also do not want to get to the HELLP syndrome stage and need further interventions to make sure you do not have organ failure or damage. If the doctor has said your little girl is no longer growing, it is safe to say that arriving a bit early will only help her get what she needs sooner.

    No one can determine what her needs will be once she is born but being under 5lbs, she might need an incubator for temperature regulation, she might need breathing support like CPAP or possibly a ventilator if she has further struggles, she might have some blood sugar issues, she might have jaundice and need to go under the light, and then she will be what the NICU calls a feeder and grower. She will need to learn how to eat, gain and maintain her weight. She will also need to be without any apnea or heart spells for at least 48hrs to be considered safe to go home (or so that is how my hospital handled it). She might need to pass a car seat challenge depending on how your hospital handles discharge. It will all be clear and make more sense once the neonatal staff knows what her individual needs are. Just make sure your delivery hospital has a level 3 or 4 NICU. 

    My 29wker is now almost 22 months (19 adjusted) and is doing wondering. Meeting or exceeding milestones, talking, climbing, dancing, eating like a bottomless pit, lol. Babies are incredibly resilient. It is hard to see when they have to struggle in the beginning, but just know she will be okay. Best of luck to you! xo
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    @KutiePebbles - have you seen a MFM throughout this PG?  If you have, I'm interested to know what that experience has been like for you.  We have a different set of concerns, but both high risk and I don't know what working with MFM is like.  Do you see your OB for regular visits, too?  

    ETA - I'm not yet PG with # 2, but FX I will be soon.

    NEVERMIND!  Saw your response on the other post.  I'll need to make sure the MFM I use has privileges at my delivery hospital.  Good tip!
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  • @DiFazette No worries about asking. I never mind commenting and helping out another high risk mommy.

    It would be simple if my MFM also delivered. It would save me visits and specialist co-pays but not many MFM's in my state deliver. I did try one, but I ended up cutting him loose for not following through with my insulin requirements (gestational diabetes). Thus far my current practice has been great. I go every other week for a quick standard ultrasound and then get a transvaginal u/s for a cervical measurement. Other than that, its all about just watching if I have any signs or symptoms of PTL again. Fingers crossed for NO haha.
  • I was just induced 16 days ago due to IUGR. I was 37 week 1 day. I had been monitored for 2 months 2 appointments a week for NST and u/s to watch her weight. At my last appointment high risk told me to head to the hospital she hadn't grown in over a week. 30 hr labor ended with an urgent c-section as her heart rate dropped with every contraction. 

    She was born 4 lbs 8 oz. dr's thought she would be just below 5 lbs. she spent a few days in the NICU to regulate her blood sugar and make sure feeding went well. 

    I was scared and nervous every step of the way. But she's gaining weight and thriving now that she's out! 
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