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Evaporation line or VERY faint positive - opinions please!

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Hi Ladies,

I'm new to this blog, so apologies if this is not the right place to post things like this. 

Would just like to know your opinion on whether you think this is an evaporation line or a very faint positive. I have attached 2 photos - one from 5 days ago, and one from tonight. 

The first photo (from 5 days ago) was checked after 10 mins, and the one from tonight was checked at 5 mins. I used a cassette test from the hospital I work at, and the time limit is 5 mins. I can see a faint positive in both images, but definitely darker in the one I did tonight. 

I am well aware that I need to retest in the morning and that you are meant to disregard results after the specified time limit, however I've read many stories of women who were pregnant and who returned positive results outside of the time frame. 

We are TTC, however I have PCOS and have no idea when I ovulated last, so just did this test to check. My last period was 77 days ago. 

I'd just love to know what you ladies think, and if there's any glimmer of hope :)

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Re: Evaporation line or VERY faint positive - opinions please!

  • Apologies - just realised I posted this in the wrong board! Sorry '1st trimester' ladies! 
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  • Posting your pee sticks is against the rules. There is a post called "what does a positive pregnancy test really look like"...you should check it out.
  • You really need to delete the pics, and re-post them on the pinned board at the top of this board. It's called "what does a positive pregnancy test really look like." You've already been told this on TTGP. 
    Please take their advice, retest, and call a doc to get this straightened out. 
  •  You can only post it under what does a positive test look like it's against TOU and this thread will be shut down in a matter of time by the admins because you did not follow them. 
  • This thread has been closed. Please do not post pictures of your pregnancy test and ask the Community if you are pregnant. Instead, please visit our 1st Trimester board to discuss early possible pregnancy symptoms and the thread pinned to the top of this board called, “What does a positive pregnancy test really look like?” where members are permitted to display their pregnancy tests.

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