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What is your baby's Sex?


Re: What is your baby's Sex?

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    This is gonna be my second boy, both times I wanted a girl, can't wait to meet him tho. Love him already. Glad I'm still plenty young enough to keep building my family, maybe a girl is on the cards later on... Wishful thinking lol.
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    kkormoskkormos member
    I'm having a girl!  I honestly didn't care, but after several failed ultrasounds with my doctor, my husband and I went to a 3D picture place to find out because I was sick of calling the baby "it"  Now I proudly say my little girl and have started a collection of baby dresses!
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    @SuperFudge00 I didn't know whether to PM you or not but I thought I should make it public in case anyone else chimes in. Fiorip is unfortunately no longer on this board and I'm not sure if she is in a space where she wants to get into the sex issue...She made a post updating us on everything going on in case you missed it. 
    I did see the post but didn't pay attention to this poster's SN. I'm so sorry. 


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    Team blue yay!
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    AlyeenaAlyeena member
    edited August 2016
    @BumpAdmin  @BumpTara @BumpCaitlin Yes!! can we please unpin this.
    35 years old, TTC #1 Dec 28, 2011
    PCOS, Hypothyroidism.
    First IVF cycle June 5th 2015 --- BFP
    Miscarriage at 8 weeks
    FET December 15th 2015--- BFP!
    First saw  at 6w4d
    It's a boy!

    Luciano Alessandro Maximiliano was born on September 3rd 2016


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