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What is your baby's Sex?


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  • @abyrd1227 - Congratulations! I'm glad you guys were able to laugh about the golf ball. I might have cried in the moment but thought it was hilarious later. Cool idea though!
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  • @SarahMConnors - That's awesome! Congrats! Guess that blue balloon was a sign.  ;)
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  • Woohoo!! Congrats @Ssoccerball!!! 

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  • Yay @Ssoccerball !!
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  • @Ssoccerball - Yay!! That's so amazing! Congratulations!!
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  • Awesome, congrats @marajay6 !  I have also called mine 2/2 as both boys.. I can imagine it would be rather surprising/confusing once you have an idea in mind to be wrong. Yay you!
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  • Ah825Ah825
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    Ladies- we are team green but... Had our 20 week ultrasound today, the tech warned us the baby was standing tall and I was really thin so the image is super clear. She said not to look if we dont want to know-but my husband was all "hey, if it happens organically and we can see something then let's let it happen" (which was exciting for me bc I wanted to know and he didn't lol!) i totally couldn't tell when she was in that area I had no idea what I was looking at but he is convinced he saw all the boy parts- the testicals, the curve of the penis. he was 99.9 percent sure. But a little while later she was doing some full body and I SWEAR I saw a little penis there too. has this happened to anyone else??? Was it obvious it was a boy???? Im super excited- I know there's a chance we could be completely wrong (we still didn't let them tell us) so we are still telling people we don't know but....I think it's a boy!!!!!!
  • CONGRATULATIONS @SarahMConnors!!!! :smiley: Hooray! Let's hear it for the boys!!
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  • Yes!!! Little stinker was ass up, spread eagle! The first thing the technician saw when she placed the scanner on my stomach was this kids junk lol! I can't! :) 
    sounds like your son and my daughter have a lot in common !! LOL congrats!!!! 
  • Thanks ladies! :) I'm so excited!!!

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  • fiorip said:
    fiorip said:
    @fiorip Idk, we had sex every single day for a week straight leading up to O and after O (yes, we wanted a baby!!) and it's a boy. Technically it could've easily been a girl though with that theory no? It's interesting regardless but I think the only way to ascertain the sex is to do sex selection through sperm sorting.
    Actually if you had sex everyday it would make more sense for the baby to be a boy, since the newer faster sperm would swim to meet the ovum on ovulation day. But like a said, it doesn't hurt trying, not everyone can afford a procedure like that and not even with that it's 100%, sperm sorting is like 75-85% effective. I would take boy, girl, trans, anything really that's my own little human  :)
    Not quite since the girl sperm would be lying in wait.
    I would debate that even if it's lying waiting, newer sperm would make it there faster, in my opinion. But again, it's not 100% I feel some of you are trying to proof me wrong when you don't even know whether it's true or not. If you feel you want to try it, give it a go, it's free, it's harmless and it might work. If it doesn't, oh well, then it doesn't. Don't think anyone would be devastated if it didn't. After a miscarriage and going into preterm labor and losing my son hours after being born I know the struggle some go through to actually have a baby in their arms. I would take any baby. I'm lucky I'm fertile, some aren't and that would be devastating, not the sex of the baby. 
    I'm taking you at your word, I don't believe any of it. Also, I can't "proof" you wrong.


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  • It depends on your OB/GYN, mine wouldn't let me schedule the anatomy ultrasound until 18 weeks.  I was so jealous of people finding out so early....but at the end of the day, knowing that the little boy I'm carrying is worth every precious second we waited. 
  • Just found out we are team purple (pink not really my color lol). I could've swore it was a boy but I'm happy to be wrong 
  • @nanibrooks15 team purple is usually a woman who is having twins where one is a boy and one is a girl. If you don't like pink, you can always just say "it's a girl!" Either way, congrats on your baby girl
  • @Trgree1712 - Welcome to Team Purple! :)
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