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What is your baby's Sex?


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  • fiorip said:
    I dont know the sex yet but I was at my monthly check up yesterday and this lady was commenting on how you can naturally select to have a boy or a girl, I got home and did some research and apparently it's true! There's a science to it, male (y) sperm swims faster and dies sooner while female (x) swims slower and lives longer. If you have sex right before ovulation or the day of, you're more likely to have a boy and if you have sex a few days before ovulation you're more likely to have a girl. Based on this, I should be having a boy, I'll let you know next week when I find out. 
    Unfortunately this was debunked. The Shettles method was done back in the 50's or 60's (not sure on the date) when further research could not conclude this true or untrue but since that time research has proven that under a microscope male and female sperm had no physical differences. The all swim at varying speeds and size only depends on whether the protective sheath covering the head of the sperm has been shed yet. I have heard that your diet can have an affect and whether your vagina is more acidic and basic can affect which sperm survive but timing itself has no affect. Sorry to burst your bubble!

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  • RG1RG1
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    @AnnaS930  that is the cutest way to announce a boy!

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  • @Steephers123 - Yay!! Congratulations!
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  • @Mommato4blessings I come from a family of 5 girls and one boy. I love our family dynamic. It's a little dramatic but such a blast. My brother loves helping us if we ever need anything. 
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  • Thanks @mhilpisch10....I actually have 3 older brothers and then a half sister and brother...but I was just hoping for my son to have a brother. However I am getting g used to the idea of having 4 girls now. 
  • @MojieJo - that's awesome!!  You and I will be exploring the world of raising brothers together, even if you're getting yours all at once!  Super excited for you!!!!
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  • @AnnaS930 Thank you!  I'm glad they're going to have each other to play with, even if I'd always dreamed of having a little girl.  I'm so excited to meet them! :smiley: 
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    Double post

  • RG1RG1
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    I can't even stand having to wait 2 days to find out the sex. I'm so impatient! Wednesday is the day!
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  • @bunnymay - Somehow I already knew that ;) We'll have to get our new boys together in the Fall!!
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  • AnnaS930 said:
    @bunnymay - Somehow I already knew that ;) We'll have to get our new boys together in the Fall!!

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  • Just found out today that we are having another boy! So far my family has four grandchildren, all boys. This makes #5. Someone needs to have a girl. We should know in a couple months if my brother is having a boy or girl. 
    Our family is all boys too, 4 grandsons on DH side and now one more.  My MIL also only had two sons.  This is the last grandchild on that side so I pretty much was their last hope for a girl lol.... But they will all have to deal with it because I'm so excited to be a boy mom  :D ;)
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