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What is your baby's Sex?


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  • I'm jealous of all of you that get to know the gender so early. I have to wait until my anatomy scan. I have Tricare and unfortunately they stopped covering the genetic testing that also gives you gender results. I missed the cutoff by 3 weeks! 
  • VeraMali said:
    We just found out that we are team pink again today! We are excited for another healthy little girl but seeing as this is our last baby I have to admit I'm feeling a little disappointed that I'll never have that mommy's boy that I always dreamed of :(
    Aaw exciting but a little bittersweet. 
    Married 6-1-13
    Sebastian 3-11-14
    Simon 5-2-15
    Baby #3 Due 9-29-16
  • So excited to see Everyone's announcement and it leads me to ask this question. For those of you who did not find out from blood tests how many weeks were you at ultrasound. I will be 17 weeks with twins on Wednesday and praying we can find out at our appointment that day. Do you think the odds are in our favor? Praying for team purple!
  • @hgahagan As long as your babies are in a position that shows off their goods, the tech/doctor should be able to tell you their sexes. Typically, they can get an accurate read as soon as 15-16 weeks. For my first, we found out at 19 weeks at the anatomy scan.

  • I was 16 weeks 1 day at our ultrasound to find out the sex.
  • You've got a pretty good chance at 17 weeks, as long as the babies aren't in an awkward position. I found out DD was a girl at 16 weeks, and I'm going Friday at 16.1 weeks to find out the sex of this baby. Most elective ultrasound places guarantee their accuracy around 15-16 weeks. 
  • Just scheduled out anatomy US for April 26, I'll be 19 weeks.  Seems like an enternity... Can't wait to comment on this thread after finding out!  Wish my insurance had covered that blood test  :(
  • @Knottie1456511431 I smell a girl streak too ;) I guess most of us haven't had our anatomy scans yet. 

    DD #1 3/26/13
    Mo/Mo twins MMC 3/31/14  o:)
    DD #2 3/31/15
    DD #3 8/25/16
  • It seems like the poll should be way more boy heavy! It's so fun to see what everyone is having!
    Married 6-1-13
    Sebastian 3-11-14
    Simon 5-2-15
    Baby #3 Due 9-29-16
  • Our anatomy scan is scheduled for the 7th and I'm really hoping to join the pink team! 
  • @coco01281986 - I love love love her name! Congratulations. :)
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  • @UnwritteN12 - Thank you so much!!  I've always loved the name Olivia and Antoinette is a family name.  It just seemed so perfect together! :)
  • We had a 3D ultrasound done at one of the boutiques when I was visiting my mom at exactly 13 weeks. The tech was very confident that we're having a boy. Its the first thing we saw. Lol I'm still so skeptical though because it was so early. I have an appt next Friday and I'll get to see again for confirmation. I've been scared to buy anything yet until we confirm. Anyone else find out pretty early through ultrasound?
  • @cstanfield46 The tech said she thought it was a boy at a little under 13 weeks. Genetic testing confirmed. But she wasn't 100% of course and made sure we knew that.
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